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View the site in different resolutions with the Resize Safari extension

More and more people are working online on mobile devices. And it is extremely important that web designers know and can see how their websites will look on different devices with different screen resolutions. The Resize extension for Safari will allow you to quickly see how any site will “adapt” to the screen of a smartphone, or how it will look on a giant monitor.


Resize already includes pre-installed permissions for popular mobile devices, such as the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and Nexus One, as well as popular resolutions for laptops and netbooks. Each of these presets can be changed and configured individually. You can also add your own.

When you select a preset, the width and height of the Safari window is resized to the selected size, giving you the opportunity to see how the site will be displayed in different screen resolutions.
The resolution contains a directory of popular devices and the resolutions of their screens, which saves you from searching them on the network. It is available by clicking on the reference button in the Resize panel, and includes popular models from device manufacturers such as Apple, Google, Nokia, Motorola, and others.

Resize Extensions Requires Safari 5 to work only on Mac OS X and costs $ 4.99
Resize official website

Separately, I want to note that this is the first paid extension that I had to see. A certain start to the monetization of extensions for Safari is given, and I think that in the near future, for quite reasonable money, we will have even more specialized and functional extensions for Safari.

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