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The Fridge: Creating Closed Groups

Many people need to post their own photos and other materials online, but social networks such as Facebook are probably not the best place to put your photos on which you can be caught off guard or not very good looking after drinking on one of the parties For such cases, YCombinator introduced the Fridge startup, which promises facebook-like functionality, but for closed groups.

The functionality of Fridge (translated from English - the refrigerator) is 100% based on work within groups. Simply put, its users can participate in activities familiar to ordinary social networks: publish information about their status, post photos, comment, announce attachments and share information, but only within the group that they themselves created or where they were invited.

Creating a group is extremely simple. By logging in to the site using your email address, enter the group name, distribute a private link to the URL of the created group among your friends, and you can start communicating within small private interest groups.

Fridge users also receive public profiles on the site, where other site visitors can post comments and photos in the style of messages on the “wall” used in various social networks. But the only way to find out real user data is to belong to one of the groups. In addition, there is no such concept of relations between users as a “friend”, all user connections with the rest are carried out through groups.

One of the important features of Fridge is support for posting new content in Posterous style, the blog platform YCombinator. Members can send messages to a special email address assigned to the group, thereby creating new messages in the group itself.

At the presentation of the project, YCombinator easily sent a message and published a photo of a guy smoking something from a Nintendo 64 controller converted into a smoking tool. The text of the message read: send such a photo on Facebook and you will get into trouble, but by publishing such photos in Fridge, you and your closest friends will be able to laugh at the ingenuity of the person who invented this device.

It was probably difficult to find an example that demonstrates the differences between Facebook and Fridge, more clearly than this. What would you like to hide in the "fridge"?

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