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47 principles of game mechanics

It is no secret that many social services are implementing the principles of game mechanics, at least in the form of statuses, ratings, polls, virtual gifts. Similar principles are applied in the offline world, where marketing actions and discount programs are based on game mechanics. Games evoke emotions, which makes relationships with users stronger and more effective. Among experts there is an opinion that any business in the future should take the elements of the game .

To use the game arsenal in full, you need to know all the available methods and combine them with each other. Existing terms, concepts and scientific theories in this area can at least be printed in the form of a deck of cards and draw them out in random order.

The company SCVNGR is developing mobile games and has created just such a deck of cards that you can borrow and use for your own purposes. Here is an explanation of each of the 47 terms and examples of their use: achievements, fixed interval, behavioral courage, informational theory of fragmented information (that is, any information for users should be allocated the smallest possible portions - so it is better absorbed), the dynamics of achievements, joint game, cross-situational charts, endless gameplay, the idea of ​​a great goal, free breakfast, lottery, property, etc.


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