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Mouse tracking on the site with the help of the SMT script (SMT2)


One of these days I took care of the question, with the help of which script / service, you can implement the mouse tracking function on the sites of your clients.

Mouse tracking is the ability to track how the site visitor moved the mouse on the pages of an Internet resource.

The main requirements for the script: free and clear results. So my choice fell on Simple Mouse Tracking ( official page: smt.speedzinemedia.com/smt ) Maybe someone knows a good analogue? Do not skimp on the comments!
Currently version 2.0.1 is available for download (hereinafter referred to as smt2 ), therefore I will tell you about it here.

Practical use

[UPD]: This section was added as a result of communication in the comments.
1. Observation of users who accompany their gaze on the page of the site by moving the mouse (there are quite often).
2. You can try to see the problems with the convenience of using the website.
3. See whether users are paying attention to banners calling for "order and call . "
4. A clear sequence of visitor transitions between the internal pages of the site is also visible.

Smt2 installation instructions

1. The intelligible documentation for installing and configuring smt2 is available at the following address: code.google.com/p/smt2/wiki/readme
So, download the archive from smt2 from the office. site and upload it via FTP to the hosting.

2. Next, unpack it and proceed to edit the config.php configuration file (note the define ('ABS_PATH', "http://mysite.ru/smt2/"); // always place here an ending slash (/) line define ('ABS_PATH', "http://mysite.ru/smt2/"); // always place here an ending slash (/) - if there is an error here, you will not be able to log in to the smt2 admin panel after installing the script)

3. Create a new database (make sure that its encoding matches the coding of the database of your site)

4. I installed smt2 on several hosting sites and in some places I found my own nuances:
  1. Hosting "Infobox": Add isp. php 5.2.10 in the .htaccess file way: AddHandler x-httpd-php10 .php
  2. Hosting "SpaceWeb": Everything is already configured initially
  3. Hosting "RU-Center": And here you have to have fun connecting modules! Here it is necessary to do the following steps:
    • Enable PHP 5.2.10 module
    • Include the following modules inside PHP: curl , json , dom
    • In order for PHP 5.2.10 to work correctly CMS Joomla include the module " session ".

5. After the necessary actions with hosting have been done we perform the following:
Run the smt2 script installation process:
Upon completion of the installation, do not forget to record the password for the root user

6. Paste as indicated in the documentation on all pages of the site acc. JavaScript (if you don’t want to greet all users of the site with a popup, leave the warn:false parameter here):

7. Access to the administrative panel: mysite.ru/smt2

I will be glad to add and comments!

UPD 04/22/2011: The long-awaited Webvisor functionality has appeared in Yandex.Metrica . Statistics on users is an order of magnitude more representative than in smt2 . However, at the moment the service is available only to Yandex accounts , from which Yandex.Direct spends more than 6.000 rubles / month.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102689/

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