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Review of the site of the Arbitration Court of the Moscow Region


In anticipation of the adoption of amendments to the Arbitration Procedure Code , namely, the possibility of filing a claim on the Internet, it was decided to completely rework the site of the Arbitration Court of the Moscow Region . The greatest attention was paid to the convenience of using the site for visitors with any degree of preparation. Now the ASMO website is, on the one hand, a convenient tool for controlling the conduct of the arbitration process and, on the other hand, a reliable reference book of detailed information about the court itself.

Arbitration process
The site contains various interactive services that facilitate the interaction of a participant in the arbitration process with the court - from calculating state duty and debt to drawing up a payment order and filling out a receipt for payment. Services are very convenient: for example, it is enough to enter information about yourself in the fields of the receipt or order - and the document is ready. It remains only to send to print, this feature is available directly from the page fill out the document.

Card file of judges

Any visitor to the site can easily find a full list of judges of the CA MO, contact information on them, data on financial statements.
To familiarize with the judges, it is enough to use the card section, which, in addition to contact information, contains information on income and property, published in accordance with Federal Law of 25.12.2008 N 274-. Now the user has access to data such as the contact phone of the right judge, which board he is in and which car he manages.

Home page

Work with any site always starts from the first page. The new design of the main page of the Moscow Region AU site allows the user to quickly and easily find the necessary information. Particular attention is paid to important and interesting services.

The user has access to up-to-date court statistics, a list of cases under consideration, necessary regulatory acts, a menu with the most requested functions, as well as the latest news of the arbitration court.



For the development of a new site was chosen CMS Drupal, open source. What does this mean in practice? The arbitral tribunal may involve any company to support and update information.
In addition, the decision created is a template and will allow any arbitration court to update its website and give it the same convenient form as the AU MO, saving a significant amount in the country's budget. For example, the amount of funding for the development and support of sites of the Federal Treasury in 2010 amounted to 83 million rubles.
In the near future, the site is scheduled to launch new services - filing a claim, legal advice on the arbitration process, as well as a special version for access via various mobile devices.

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