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Future Amusement Park

Within the framework of the " Rest and Fun of the Future " competition, here are a few sad considerations. Of course, this is just a fantasy and this is unlikely to happen, so do not be afraid! As everyone knows, the world is on the verge of an ecological catastrophe. Fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, oil in the Meskikansky Gulf and so on and so forth. The ozone layer is collapsing, animals are dying, more and more areas are being built up, forests are being cut down for roads.

Finnish artist Ilkka Halso became keenly interested in this problem. He is sure that soon the problem of environmental pollution will become so huge that we will have to go to special amusement parks to admire the natural landscape.

Here such roller coasters will be transported over rivers, through forests and fields. The goal is no longer speed and adrenaline, but to consider in more detail the beauty of nature that once existed.

The route will be held in various picturesque places where you can still admire the intact creations of the world.


Perhaps there will even be separate pavilions showing the flora and fauna of different countries and continents.


Something will be in a kind of cinema. Perhaps even 5D, but it will be impossible to swim in such a lake.


No matter how realistic they may seem, these are not the forests in which we walked, we set fires, we searched the north for moss in the trees. These will not be the rivers and lakes in which we swam.


After all, you know, before there were mammoths. And now they can be seen only in museums. So, there is some truth.


Let's hope that the fantasy of the artist from Finland will never become a reality.
Although it is sad, but first, we can still look at the beauty of the real world. And secondly, almost all of this is in our hands and it is not too late to start changing something.

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