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A bug in the payment terminals Petroelektrosbyt

Recently I tried to pay for electricity not at the ticket office of Petroelektrosbyt, as I usually do, but at the terminal next to it. The terminal is quite ordinary in appearance (monitor, banknote receiver, magnetic card reader), offers to pay for cell phones, electricity and other services.

To pay for electricity, you can enter a subscriber number (convenient ID, even at the checkout, I show it to the cashier instead of dictating the address), but then funny things start, unfortunately, which do not make payment normally.

The terminal asks to enter the "daily consumption" of energy ... it can be assumed that this is the average consumption per day (since the last payment ???), but the terminal will also ask to introduce "night consumption", which suggests two-tariff meters. However, I have a single-rate counter, and I never counted the average expense - always only current meter readings were required for payment.
As a result, after entering the current meter readings in the “daily consumption” field and 0 in the “night consumption” field, I received an offer to pay 17,000 r. and pressed the Exit button. Having reported the same meter readings to the woman at the box office, he received a receipt for 250 rubles. and went on with a sense of accomplishment.

Conclusion (he is a bug report): developers had to consider payment options with entering different data - the difference in readings from the previous payment or current readings (there are previous readings in the database). In addition, it was worth not to forget about the owners of one-rate counters and the comparative system to correct - now there are phrases like "you can enter any value" (instead of just displaying the input field in the appropriate situation).

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102663/

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