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IT student diary

In only six months, I will defend my diploma, go to full time at work, and in general I am waiting for a lot of new affairs and activities. Behind 5 years of study at the institute, 3 years of which were combined with work in a programmer's office. I think that in this way the student body was formed by many, and in this post I would like to describe how it all happened with me. This post will not be a revelation, it is only a view from the inside, on how our educational system is structured and a little on how IT offices work and their interaction with students. It is easy to see how the worldview is changing year after year. Well, let's start.

First course. Semester first.

Finally, I graduated from this school, went to the institute, where they would finally teach me how to program in a cool way and make a high-class specialist. Although at first there is nothing to do here, all the material is school, so you can safely walk as much as you like.
And the fact that we program in pascal is to raise everyone by one level, but the most interesting thing will begin next semester. And while I'm on the online Olympiad will play, so as not to lose the level.

First course. Semester two.

Something new is starting up, new courses, but trouble with programming. No, C ++ is great, but why chew everything so thoroughly, if you can read a couple of books and everything will become clear. Although judging by the way the bulk performs the tasks, this is clearly not superfluous.
Pleases only discrete and terver, interesting items. Here is where you can turn around!

Second course. Semester the third.

Hell, C ++ again, but only with a new teacher, who of course says that the past did everything wrong. Oh God, why else write these magnificent reports on 20 pages, when the program takes only 2/3 of the sheet.
Yeah, and the philosophy has begun. Interesting enough, but why? Although the guy seems to read a good one, there are many deviations in mathematics, artificial intelligence, so we will listen.
In general, it's time to think about work. I will begin to learn java, everyone says that this is a cool language, better Delphi. And flash and javascript is some kind of nonsense who needs these silly videos and running lines.

Second course. Semester Four.

Why did we learn C and pascal is clear to me, but assembler? Why do we need it? To be honest, I'm in shock, I definitely did not expect this. And all these boring lectures about the history of computers, certainly not into any gate does not climb.
One thing pleases - I started going to the training center of a large company, and after it I will go to work there. That’s where they’ll definitely teach me cool programming.

Third course. Semester five.

Awesome, we were taught to undo the twisted pair! Now we can definitely assume that powerful telecommuters will be made of us here, especially considering the fact that we have more to do with network equipment either with our feet or our hands. Again, please mathematical subjects, such as game theory or numerical methods. This fact is useful to me, finally went useful items.
But at work cool. At times, of course, of course, but it's still cool. I learned about svn, ant, cruise control. I wonder if they will tell us about it at the institute.

Third course. Semester sixth.

It's sad, but it looks like programming ended that semester. And until the end of his uni more and will not. What then will we be programmers? This is certainly true by mathematicians-theorists, but theorists, as is known, are “burning”. And who thought that the economy should be conducted like this: an old grandfather, teachers of scientific Leninism with manners. Someone seriously thinks that we will understand something in economic processes?
And it's great at work again. Full of interesting people, interesting tasks, so much of everything new literally every day.

The fourth course. Semester Seventh.

Wow, and the programming is not over, and it is necessary, we are taught a course in Java! But how sad he is, it's terrible - boring presentations, boring lecturer. And all these delusional objects are optical informatics, the concept of modern natural science, where can I apply this knowledge, what do I teach? Dull semester, there are simply no other words. And the databases are given with practice on FoxPro and a wonderful training manual, according to which "the modern Windows 95 system will reliably protect your data." So I’ll have to find out everything myself, the benefit was told about the cool resource www.habrahabr.ru , there are so many interesting things there!
At work, I learn what web programming, flex and other cool things are. Flex was generally amazed, in vain I thought that everything related to flash is nonsense. It will be necessary to make a report on the RAFPUG.

The fourth course. Semester eighth.

The semesters change, but the overall picture is not very good. Again, there is no normal programming, only abstract databases and nothing more substantial. Everything else is reminiscent of the frank preparation of the faculty of students to work for the benefit of the university and nothing more. It's a pity.
And by the end of 2 years of work in the company, you understand that being a student is not so good, because very few people care about your opinion. There is a manager, he is a god in general, there is a technical one, he is also a god, but of a different plan. All the rest are just cool specialists, unlike you, so do what they say. Sorry again.

Fifth course. Semester Nine.

It remains to study just a year and then a diploma. And the feeling that ahead of eternity. The university system oppresses with its inflexibility and backwardness, no one wants to update courses, to bend under the new demands of society. And the majority of students do not even think about their future, work and profession. Well, okay, this is their problem.
By the way, about work, it is full of interesting things. Nevertheless, the position of a student has more advantages - I am constantly being thrown from one task to another, and I constantly learn new technologies. So resume is getting better and better, and job offers are already starting to come from other firms.
And an account on Habré, which for me is really a feat and achievement.

Fifth course. Semester tenth.

So, to go to the institute, I haven’t been there for a long time, but I still want to have “automata”, so I’m too lazy to learn these subjects. Although on the other hand, only half a year and I am practically free. And with a diploma, everything seems to be beginning to be determined - an interesting project is being developed.
And at work, everything is positive - I plunged into mobile web technologies, it’s so strange, but once I thought that javascript is nonsense. By the way, you need to look for freelancing yourself, you need to gain more experience, yet you want to be more than just a programmer.
And scrum, scrum and scrum again, it is necessary to actively advertise it in the office, maybe it will be possible to start it in our project. But how is it all running ...

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