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A giant wind farm is being built in Idaho.


Apparently, the leadership of the state of Idaho decided to break all records, and now a truly giant wind power plant is being built there. The planned capacity of the system should be 183 megawatts. Interestingly, to create this wind farm had to choose the area in which many farms are located, and the land is quite fertile. But what to do, because energy needs more and more, and this area is optimal for placing turbines there.

Actually, the farmers, of course, were paid considerable compensation, and the Idaho leadership is now telling that progress has been made in the field of renewable energy sources, and the creation of such a giant complex can serve as a milestone for this progress. This complex will produce energy that will serve the citizens of Idaho in the best possible way - this is the opinion of the governor.
But all these speeches do not really interest us, right? Probably, readers are interested in how much this complex cost? Well, the figure is very high - almost 500 million US dollars. The structure of the complex will be similar to the structure of the Texas wind farm, and the cost of creating a complex in Idaho is only two times less than the billion for which the energy complex in Texas was built.

It is also interesting that in addition to this gigantic complex, smaller wind farms will also be created, which will also be connected to a common system. In total, it will be installed 122 1.5-megawatt turbines from General Electric, the total area occupied by the units - 10 thousand acres. This will be enough to supply energy to 39,700 average American cottages.

Such famous companies as Reunion Power, Exergy Development Group, Atlantic Power, and GE Energy Financial Services take part in the project.

In general, another large-scale project appears in the USA that can really become a good alternative to the usual sources of electricity. I would like to see similar complexes be built in the CIS countries, in suitable regions. It seems that this will happen very soon, but I would still hope for the best.

Yes, the picture is not from Idaho, just very suitable for the post.

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