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How Alfa Bank makes money on customers

I want to warn the present and future customers of Alfa Bank that their methods are not very different from the methods of telecom operators, which everyone has already heard about. Today, 699 rubles were written off from my account. As it turned out exactly the annual maintenance of the card with the so-called “individual design” costs. It is logical to ask how I had such a card and why I need it. Just when opening an account in a bank, an employee said: “if you want, we can print some of your pictures on your card or choose one of the standard ones”. And not a word about 700 rubles a year for using this picture. Now it remains only to destroy this card and release a standard one instead. But no one will return the money.

For the minus, I want to note that, for example, I would be glad if someone would warn me in time. So despite all the drawbacks, I see nothing wrong with not warning others against this trick.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102656/

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