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3D without glasses from Toshiba

3D without glasses from Toshiba

Good news for lovers of "bulk" pictures. By the end of the year, the Japanese company Toshiba is going to launch three models of 3D TVs that do not require special glasses. The new technology is based on the use of the parallax barrier effect and is an improved version of the screens used in the new Nintendo 3DS portable console. One of the largest Japanese newspapers Yomiuri Shimbun confirmed Toshiba's intentions - the novelties will be on sale even before the Christmas holidays.

Holistic imaging system will help reduce eye strain, which is important for those who sit at the screen for a long time. In addition, the novelty is equipped with the Multi-Parallax system, which provides for changing the picture depending on the location of the beholder and the inclination of his head. The viewing angle in new TVs is quite wide (more than 30 °), so the final image looks natural and smooth.

Back in April, the Japanese declared their achievements, and then the company planned to release a 21-inch model with a resolution of 1280x800 (WXGA). Unfortunately, the official "dimensions" of new TVs have not yet been disclosed, however, as well as their prices. Looking forward to comments from Toshiba.
PS: Video Story about a similar system:

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