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About bridges, telecoms and the price of the error

This post is written based on numerous habraspores about cellular operators and gigantic amounts, which subscribers suddenly need to be. In each such topic, there is necessarily a comment like this :

1) write about it in the instructions. They did not read - they themselves are to blame. 2) the same beeline about the habits of the iPhone honestly warns and describes how and where to set up the iPhone so that this does not happen. [...] So IMHO there is no need to protect this Madame - she is to blame for everything.

In this topic, I will try to explain on fingers and bridges why this approach is wrong.

Pay attention to one element of the bridge interface - the railing . What are they needed for? To prevent accidental fall from the bridge.

But excuse me, a normal person just will not fall from a bridge like this - minimal care is enough to not fall. In addition, you can put a large poster and write "carefully, do not fall off the bridge."

However, bridge builders continue to rivet the railing instead of just placing an ad. Why so?

Because the cost of error is disproportionately high. Although the probability of falling from a bridge is negligible, the result of such a fall is likely to be human death. A normal pedestrian seems perfectly correct to think that trivial actions (for example, to stumble or not look around) should not lead to serious consequences.

Interface developers are well aware of this simple rule. When you exit without saving, you need to ask for confirmation. When formatting a disk, it is imperative to ask for confirmation. Etc., etc.: those operations that lead to the loss of a significant amount of data or serious inconvenience to the user should not be easily performed due to simple negligence or carelessness.

Any interface developer knows that in no case should you force the user to constantly think. Habitual actions and operations should be performed in the usual way. No one person can think about his every action 24 hours a day.

The argument “if you were attentive, you would not make this error” does not act statistically. All at once can not be attentive, which means that some part will inevitably make an expensive mistake.

All sorts of “services” of our wonderful telecoms is a bridge without a railing. By performing quite standard and trivial actions, you can easily pay half a million blood ruble for your mistake, or even more. As for me, the person who fell from such a bridge is not “himself to blame,” and these are the builders, either assholes or the owners of the funeral services salon. No matter how many large posters are there with clearly visible warnings.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102627/

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