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Vobis Highscreen Nano - equipment and features

A few days ago I managed to get acquainted with the novelty of Highscreen Nano and take a few photos, my impressions and description - inside.

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Now there is a tendency to release different companies of smartphones and communicators in the middle and low price ranges.
Vobis Highscreen Nano of the latest.
A really inexpensive communicator (the closest competitor of the Rover PC S8 is almost a thousand more expensive), very interesting in terms of characteristics, and for your money it’s a fairy tale. Iron maker - Sim Technology Group. This is evidenced by the inscription under the device battery (photo 1). Inside Nano, Windows Mobile 6.5.3 Professional with pre-installed software from SPB SoftWare, in particular, the standard shell of the working screen has been replaced by SPB Mobile Shell. Also included are SPB Keyboard and SPB Mobile TV. Not bad for an inexpensive product. Tellingly, the entire software package is installed in the flash memory of the device, i.e. after a complete reset, it will not need to be reinstalled (photo 2).

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photo 1

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photo 2

Characteristics from the manufacturer's website:
Operating system:Windows Mobile 6.5.3 Professional
CPU:Marvell PXA300 (624MHz) + NXP5209
RAM:128 MB
ROM:256 MB
Bluetooth:Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR
WiFi:WiFi: 802.11b / g
Connection Interface:mini-USB connector for data synchronization, charging function
Warranty:1 year
Display:Diagonal: 2.8 "QVGA (Resolution: 320x240) Liquid crystal touch screen, 65 thousand colors, viewing angle 180º
Expansion Slot:Micro sd
Battery:Li-Ion 1100mAh
Talk time:Up to 8 hours for GSM
Work in standby mode:Up to 400 hours for GSM
Networks:GSM / GPRS / EDGE GSM bands: 850/900/1800/1900
Camera:CMOS 2M
Additionally:FM radio, G-sensor (motion sensor)

The package includes: Disk with software, instructions, additional stylus, wired stereo headset, wire for synchronization, power supply and cover. In general, I personally have a subtle reminder of the HTC Touch (photo3).

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photo 3

GPS module installed SiRF Star III. However, there is no pre-installed navigation software yet. True, they promise that those who bought the device without software will be able to receive activation keys for free.

The device is made of soft-touch plastic with a “chrome-plated” edging, conveniently lies in the hand due to the corrugated surface of the back cover (photo 4).

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photo 4

The slot for the SIM card is made in a very peculiar way, there will be no problems with the installation, but you will need a stylus to remove the SIM card. No way else I did not succeed. For this purpose, a small groove above the SIM card slot is specially provided, through which the card must be pushed out and then removed (photo 5). The card does not spring up. Not the most convenient solution. To remove the battery, there is a plastic tape, which is quite convenient.

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photo 5

The memory card slot is located to the right and you do not need to remove the battery to replace the memory card.
In general, a rather thoughtful arrangement of elements, the most frequently retrieved components are conveniently removed, and the SIM card is not so often torn. If you plan to use SIM cards of different operators - it is worth considering this moment.
The slot for the stylus is located on the right, if you hold the device with the screen to yourself, the stylus is securely attached, you will hardly be able to accidentally lose it.

The battery confidently holds a couple of days with an average activity of calls in terms of use in Moscow and Moscow region + half an hour of the Internet and an hour and a half of reading books at low screen brightness.

Summarizing the impressions, the Vobis Highscreen Nano is a worthy “workhorse” with great potential due to high-quality components for little money.
The only censure that can be attributed to the subjective sensations - it seemed to me that the screen is somewhat less sensitive than in other similar devices. Perhaps the problem is that I did not remove the complete protective film. Yes, and the sensitivity of the screen in the settings I have not changed.



A little more photos from all sides, I apologize for the quality.

Look at Yandex. Photos

Look at Yandex. Photos

Look at Yandex. Photos

Look at Yandex. Photos

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