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Need For Real

I often ride rollerblades, bicycles and sometimes get tired of riding the same places - I want something new. You can, of course, change the place, and you can bring a competitive spirit. To arrange a real race / race, you need to find like-minded people, dock with them in time and still need conditions to be allowed - for example, 10 people are unlikely to be able to compete on bicycles on a narrow forest path.
Need For Speed ​​- a great simulator, which, perhaps, served as the main impetus for the idea to arrange a virtual race in real life.
Estimated toolkit: a mobile device with GPS and Internet.
Estimated base features:

From similar services, only gps-orientation was found, the use of gps for keeping personal statistics on jogging, etc., games for solving riddles in the city.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102613/

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