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Master classes in professional Javascript, AJAX / COMET, jQuery

I invite respected developers to participate in workshops on professional Javascript programming, AJAX / COMET, optimization, jQuery.

They will be held in Yaroslavl (September 24-25), Novosibirsk (October 3-4), Kazan (October 9-10), Minsk (October 16-17), Dnipropetrovsk (October 23-24), Odessa (October 30-31 ) and Samara (November 13-14).

Muscovites mb convenient to go to master classes in Yaroslavl. This is a few hours drive from Moscow, cleaner air and nature. You can combine with participation in the Application Developer Days .

The host and author of the master classes is Ilya Kantor, the creator of javascript.ru , algolist.manual.ru , previously one of the developers of the dojo toolkit, if you are interested in other “regalia” - ask me in private (let's be modest, yeah ...).
The main topics of the workshops:In more detail the program of a specific master class you can read on javascript.ru/mk

Master classes come as beginners, but wishing to grow quickly, and leading experts from serious companies.

The positive karma of the master classes and their ability to raise the level of the participants are proved by two (or three, depending on how you count) years of conducting and reviews, at least here in the Habré, in past topics of the master classes.

The event is paid, but the price is very affordable. Now it is 1300 rubles / 350 UAH for a master class.

Registration is open on javascript.ru/mk, there is also more information about the master classes.

PS To learn about conducting master classes in other cities - on javascript.ru/mk, select "Other City" and request a notification.

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