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One hundred fifty meters VGA available to everyone

There are many situations when it is necessary to locate the monitor at a considerable distance from the computer. The first thought is to buy a longer cable. It is a reasonable solution, which, however, has its pitfalls.
First of all, the maximum length of a VGA cable is 50 meters, and no further distortion (and therefore additional purchase of special compensators) is necessary. The cable of such length, of course, must be of good quality, which leads us to the "second" - the price. It would seem that the situation is hopeless - either to endure restrictions, or to get ready to pay a round sum for the cable.
But here we are saved by the fighters of the British engineering front - the Adder company, which offers a low-cost (even for home use) solution that allows you to transmit a VGA signal over a distance of 150 meters.


About the "lifeline" - inside.
The name of the rescue device - AdderLink LPV150 (from Line Powered Video, powered through the connection). The device, like any video extension cable, consists of two modules - a transmitter that connects to the VGA video source, and a receiver (receiver), which is located next to the remote VGA display. Connect two modules inexpensive twisted pair CAT5.

Both devices are powered via a USB connection on the transmitter side (no additional power is required to the receiver, the current is sent over a twisted pair). The maximum video resolution is 1080p, which is enough for almost any purpose.
There are no connection problems, no dancing with a tambourine is required - the AdderLink LPV150 supports DDC (data transmission channel from the display to the video card and back, with its help the video adapter automatically adapts to the monitor for optimal resolution).
Now a little about the dimensions of the device. Both the transmitter and the receiver literally fit into the palm of your hand. This will allow both devices to be installed imperceptibly for prying eyes, which is important, since the manufacturer itself is positioning the extension cable as a device for digital signage, an advertising technology that implies displaying advertising information on one or more displays in crowded places. For example, relatively recently installed in the Moscow metro screens or advertising in supermarkets.


For fans of numbers - the technical characteristics of the device list:

Video resolution
Up to 1080p HD, including 1080i & 720p

Work distance
Up to 150 m

Local device: VGA, USB (for power), RJ45
Remote device: VGA, RJ45

Physical dimensions
Transmitter: 45 mm, 63 mm, 21 mm (without cables)
Receiver: 45 mm, 63 mm, 21 mm (without cables)

Power over USB interface cable

Working temperature

An additional plus is independence from the OS, so the installation is done in the plug-n-play style and takes a few minutes (or how long does it take a person to walk 150 meters?).

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102607/

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