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Delivery Club

Delivery club is a service that allows you to order food in Moscow from any delivery service on the 1st website, choosing the best / closest / favorite delivery service. While receiving a number of goodies, such as bonus points, additional control of orders, kicking the delivery services for your order. =)
But you all remember for sure (judging by the number of regular customers who came to us from Habr)!
By the way, on September 1st, the year will turn

During these 3 months, past from the last post, we have done quite a lot of things.

Firstly, we did NOT change the search (the one on the main one), because we didn’t figure out how to make it better (I remind you that you can only type the cart from 1 delivery service, and we’ve brought the search inside the delivery service to mind and it works perfectly well). If you have ideas on how to improve it, we will be very, very grateful.

Secondly, we did NOT introduce a system of payment by credit cards and electronic money, but we are actively working on it, but there are a number of enormous difficulties that we don’t want to decide quickly (for the most part, this is not the desire that introduces innovations to most delivery services with which we cooperate).
But we added some beautiful banners to our site.

Significantly improved interface for delivery services.

And many places where they placed our advertising (on chips, at a number of top bloggers, and so on), someone last time asked about the prices of different advertising, if you're interested, then in a personal.

Began to crawl out in search engines in a leading position.

But today I will tell you about something else! We have made the use of the Delivery Club even more profitable for the members of our club by launching the special offers heading ! In it we will have different tasty offers from various delivery services exclusively for customers who came through the Delivery Club, offers a type of pleasant discount or additional dishes / products (serious, and not an extra cherry on the cake, as many now like to do).
In the top five special offers you can get:
3 burgers, paying for 2.
3 pizzas (from the restaurant where he ate himself (!) Obramovich) by paying for 2.
Get a melon by ordering products for a week.
Get a 15% discount on real kebabs.
And even get 1 liter of homemade lemonade by ordering sushi!
Good appetite!

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