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Another scam, beware

On Habré there were already posted topics about scammers with SMS sending about participation in the prize lottery, here’s another one:

It is about winning a car.

Tonight I received the following text message:
Congratulations !!!
You won 1 of 3 AUDI A6 cars
tel +7 (964) 6280754
from 10 to 20

SMS came from the number +7 (905) 5359740

Of course, I don’t believe in all this, but for the sake of interest I decided to go to the site and get acquainted with the conditions of the promotion.
The site immediately made it clear that it was made on the knee in a hurry under the action.

The action goes together with Yandex Money and when you buy a car you get a bonus in the form of a Yandex money card for 9tr

Now the most interesting thing is that though I was sworn and assured me that I had already become the owner of a brand new car, there were other information in the rules: to become not just a member of a scam, but guaranteed to get a prize, I need to deposit 29700 rubles into my account, after which I A seven-digit pincode will be issued, which will participate in the lottery.

But the most interesting is that the domain of a serious Audi auto center (about which there is nothing on the Internet) was registered 6 days ago.

After breaking through the contact phone, I came across a description of similar draws from FORD MOTORS and LADA companies together with autoradio.
Here is the discussion thread www.avtoradio.ru/?an=robber2&page=29

The question is - how to punish this scam?
To hand over the number from which the mailing is on Sat biline?
What else can you do to cover this shop?

Habrakat hid information about the domain and the main interesting excerpts from the rules:

nserver: ns.iho.ru.
nserver: ns4.iho.ru.
nserver: ns5.iho.ru.
person: Private Person
phone: +7 903 1532925
e-mail: sff9@mail.ru
created: 2010.08.19
paid-till: 2011.08.19
source: TCI

Next, I gave the main interesting excerpts from the rules:

“Participant of AUDI Prize Promotion can be considered a prize winner and GUARANTEED to receive his prize only if he fully agrees with the above Conditions of the Promotion and receives a SERIAL PIN - PRIZE CODE recorded in the computer database of the Prize Promotion AUDI.


The procedure and rules for obtaining the seven-digit winner’s code are strictly regulated and cannot be changed either by the organizer of the prize action or by the participant (the prize winner). Receiving a seven-digit pin - code of the winner is only a computerized form of random formation of a pin - code from the database and can not be obtained in any other way, except those established by the rules of the "AUDI" prize Promotion. Formation of the seven-digit prize winner code is made only after the participant makes a promotional contribution for the guaranteed prize in the amount strictly established by these rules for the “AUDI” prize promotion. The amount of payment of the duty fee can not be changed except as described above and agreed with the rules of this promotion. Participants of the Great Patriotic War, Group I disabled persons, people over 80 years old, participants of the liquidation of the consequences at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, mothers of many children, single mothers, as well as citizens of the Russian Federation who have special services to the Motherland are exempt from advertising and duties.

For other citizens who have become owners of a valuable prize, it is provided

The next payment amount is 29,700 rubles.

The participant of the prize action shall deposit the amount due solely according to the rules regulated by this action. This is necessary for the computer to fix the amount and automatically form the seven-digit pin - code of the winner. In the event of the participant making an incorrect payment amount, the organizers of the action in the person are not responsible for the inability of the computer to correctly form the seven-digit PIN - participant code.

After the payment is received correctly, the computer issues a seven-digit PIN - participant code, which transfers the participant of the AUDI promotion to the status of the Winner and will guarantee to receive the winning prize. The participant of the action himself chooses for himself a convenient form of crediting funds for obtaining the seven-digit pin - code of the winner.

First way

The participant of the action for one (strictly) hour independently transfers the necessary amount of money to the balance of his or another phone number selected by the participant by means of Yandex payment cards - following the instructions of the prize department operator.

Second way

You can also make a payment through the integrated instant payment system, i.e. payment terminals. Such as, “iBox”, “Mobile Element”, “Europay”, “Sprint-Net”, “Irispey”, “Express-payment” ... On arrival at the payment terminal, the prize winner makes a call to the prize department of the Auto Center Irbis-motor. After which the payment is made, thereby recorded. After full accumulation of funds in the amount of 29,700 rubles, the computer records the moment of receipt of the payment and automatically generates a seven-digit pin - the winner’s code, which, in turn, the operator provides to the winner, calling out loud.

The seven-digit pin formed after depositing the money is stored only with the participant of the action (prize winner) and cannot be used further to receive the drawn prize. According to the rules of this promotion, information about the participant’s receipt of a PIN code and the seven-digit PIN code number itself is confidential and not subject to disclosure and transfer to others.


1. The prize draw is made by computer selection of the winner.
2. The draw is carried out by the prize department of the Auto Center Irbis-motor.
3. Each operator that processes dialing and conversation with the subscriber - the winner carefully explains the essence of the action being carried out and clearly explains to the subscriber the step-by-step actions to receive the Prize won. The operator of the ongoing campaign without fail clearly states his full name and ID-data.
4. After the operator dials up to the subscriber who won the prize, the subscriber must call back to the prize department of the Auto Center Irbis-motor to fix the call by the computer and assign the prize determined as a result of a random selection to the subscriber.
5. The time required for replenishment of the telephone balance by the subscriber for advertising purposes of Yandex payment cards is determined by these conditions and is 60 minutes after the end of the conversation with the operator.
6. The subscriber himself chooses for himself the METHOD OF UPDATING his TELEPHONE BALANCE, strictly observing the step-by-step instructions of the prize department of the Irbis-motor Auto Center.
7. From the moment the full payment is recorded, the operator issues a seven-digit registration pin to the subscriber — the prize-winner code that will serve as a guarantor of receiving the prize dropped to the subscriber’s phone number.
8. In case of non-observance of the operator’s step-by-step instructions when a subscriber enters a payment, the Auto Center Irbis-motor does not guarantee that the subscriber won the prize. ”

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102602/

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