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Bing - routes in Russia

Actually, all in the title. This is not news, and many probably know about this opportunity. But for me it was a pleasant surprise. It is not clear why neither Yandex nor Google still have a normal support for routes in Russia.

When a card is needed, Bing is usually remembered last. But they have a very good, visual drawing. Is that the fonts are somewhat blurry.
To build routes in our country, there are services based on Google Maps, for example, this one . But it has a drawback - the map window is very small, and printing a large clear picture will not work. The rest that were found, quite inconvenient. Share if anyone knows really good options.

Update 1 . Routes are built only between relatively large cities, and even then not always. And the second feature: sometimes you can get a route in one direction only. For example, from Moscow to Tambov, but not back. But still, better than nothing.

Update 2 . Suddenly, it turned out that routes can build maps.mail.ru

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102601/

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