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Russian programmers made the world's first female calendar in the Albanian language

Most recently, my colleague wrote about our company , which began to develop free programs for Windows for home use. The debut program was a video converter, which we began to move on July 15, 2010.


Yesterday, after forty days, the program page was ranked in the top ten by Google for several key requests ( Videoconverter ; Free video converter etc.), the site of the converter is visited by about 26,000 people per day (50,000 views) from a number of countries:

Conclusion: apparently, the idea of ​​making software available in the 40 most widely used languages ​​of the world played a role.

In general, it is not bad if you do not pay attention to the fact that we were on the move adding new devices and struggling with bugs.

Inspired by the spread of our first program, we completely forgot to show people another free application that we developed two months ago, even translated into Albanian and posted on the site, but did not reach to show it to consumers. It's not even that we were too busy with the first project, it’s just not very obvious how and where to offer this application. The fact is that this is the Women's Calendar - a calendar for predicting the menstrual cycle and everything connected with it.


In fact, the demand for this kind of software is, it is steady and, assuming how many women in the world are between the ages of 16 and 51, it covers most of the population of the planet.
By the way, here are the UN data for a sample of the target group.

Number of women

Data on the age group of the population of the planet

Based on the data of Garnter that there are now more than a billion PCs in the world, I would like to hope that not many less than half a billion of them serve women.

In a global sense, the Women's Calendar helps the girl to move towards one of the alternative goals: to become pregnant or abstain from pregnancy. The calendar reports the days when conception is most likely. It seems that the girl, having seen the message “today is the most auspicious day for conceiving a girl,” will take time off from work in order to go to work tirelessly over the set goal, since the chances are high. Or vice versa, seeing the inscription “Today it is possible!” Will go to work with unclarging hands, but pursuing another benefit.
In general, besides jokes, gynecologists recommend that all women of the fair sex keep records of their cycle, until today nothing has been cleverer that has been thought up except for stupidly “remembering” and only the most advanced ones mark something in the pocket calendar.
In addition to 2 large tasks - the Women's calendar clearly represents the information when the last time was “was” and when about “it would start again”. Those who have not been a woman since childhood probably cannot understand how sometimes it is difficult to remember the last date of the “days” and figure out whether you have a delay today or not?
In general, the calendar is a useful thing, there is a whole lot of information on counting sex, medicine, and even planning the sign of the zodiac and the sex of the future child (for those who care).
After seeing what similar products offer, we came to the conclusion that they all have three major drawbacks:

Actually, we did the calendar , but somehow it does not work out to show it to the girls because of the delicacy of the questions that it is intended to solve. If people freely share the joy of using a video converter, an archiver or a BlueRay-burner, and the product’s popularity grows by itself, then I have little idea that one young lady can advise another to use this kind of software.
Why do we write about this in Habré:

PS Can we on the site of everyone here such a post?
Well, at least just as a demonstration of the helplessness of glossy marketing?

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