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Today is the release of Miranda IM 0.9

A year and two months later, the light saw the release of the ninth Miranda branch.

Miranda IM 0.9 Unicode
Miranda IM 0.9 Unicode 64 bit
Miranda IM 0.9 Ansi
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Wiki article for upgrades from earlier versions

A lot of effort has been spent on both refactoring and developing new functionality. Several internal APIs were rewritten, the standards that appeared were implemented.

The 64-bit version has appeared and the support of the Windows 7 taskbar features has been awaited by many.

This year was difficult for Miranda, since the majority of developers had very little time to do their favorite project, but nevertheless, the release was prepared by joint efforts. For this - many thanks to ghazan `y, leading the development =)

In this version we will see:
- New protocol mechanism with full Unicode support;
- New high quality icons for all standard modules of the distribution kit;
- Dynamic creation of a menu of protocols, with a choice of where to create individual items in the status menu or the main menu;
- New profile manager with full Unicode support;
- Developed and presented the official 64-bit version of Miranda IM;
- Added support for 32x32 icons;
- Added support for Windows 7 taskbar icons;
- Added support for file transfers in Unicode;
- Added support for searching in Unicode;
- Added support for processing status messages in Unicode;
- Added verification of SSL certificates;
- Added the ability to transfer files larger than 4 Gb;
- Added support for persistent HTTP 1.1 connections, including persistent HTTP proxy connections;
- Added support for HTTP SPINEGO (Negotiate) authorization;
- Added support for taking proxy options from Internet Explorer, including PAC (proxy auto configuration scripts)
- Jabber: GSSAPI authorization added;
- Jabber: added API for Jabber sub-plugins;
- Gadu-Gadu: SSL support has been returned and improved (OpenSSL is still required);
- Gadu-Gadu: full support for avatars;
- Gadu-Gadu: support for the Folders module for avatars and images;
- Gadu-Gadu: added support for changing status when sharing different accounts or clients;
- Gadu-Gadu: improved display of links from unknown contacts;
- Gadu-Gadu: division of the protocol menu into two drop-downs while in the status menu;
- MSN: added automatic selection of the connection method;
- YAHOO: improved login procedure.

The developers have not bypassed and corrected various errors (wherever without it):

- IRC: fixed crash when transferring files;
- Jabber: fixed the problem of joining group chats (conferences);
- Gadu-Gadu: fixed status setting without status message;
- Gadu-Gadu: fixed status change during connection;
- Gadu-Gadu: fixed a problem with statuses and status messages when adding oneself to the contact list;
- Gadu-Gadu: reconnection did not work in some cases;
- Gadu-Gadu: various memory leaks fixed;
- Gadu-Gadu: fixed recording of network activity in the log.

In honor of the release, I decided at the same time to take a small interview with the main developer of Miranda IM George Hazan (ghazan) :

I : George, could you voice, do you already have plans for the further development of the client?
Georgy : The next version will be directed to rewriting database plugins, if it works, then the long-planned update of the xml driver will enter there. Databases will get second-level plugins for encryption, backups, and other crap, as well as unicode paths. The database interface will be redone so as to allow the simultaneous use of several databases by one driver, which will make it possible to abandon the dbtool utility and also transfer the database check inside the driver

Me : And what is the number of the next version, in which such interesting changes are planned?
George : This is all scheduled for release 0.9.1

Me : Do you have any thoughts on the whole long awaited 1.0 branch?
George : Yes. Version 1.0 will contain built-in metacontacts, a redesigned contact list interface, a new look-n-feel for the settings window, as well as the correction of all the errors that we find in the tracker. Yes, back in 1.0 there will be new plugins unloaded on the fly.

Regarding the 64 bit version, it is worth noting that 32 bit plugins are not supported. Moving on to this version, you should replace all your plugins with 64 bit counterparts.

For more complete support of Win 7 Taskbar, I can suggest trying an experimental plugin developed by me and nullbie . It is still damp, so everything is at your own peril and risk.

I hope you will like it. Enjoy =)

For the interview and the preparation of the material - special thanks to krel

By the way, in connection with the long-awaited release of the next release, an event is organized in Moscow, which has already become traditional, codenamed "Mirandovka."
Everyone is welcome, both Muscovites and nonresident users (including developers, designers, etc.) who are able to come to the capital by Friday, August 27 . Approximate collection time - 19.00 . The exact time and place will be reported later in this topic.
The program includes: dating, conversation, laughter, moderate amount of alcoholic beverages of your choice without any coercion. In general, cultural and not boring.

If you want to join - please mark in the comments. Waiting for everybody!

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