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Inkscape 0.48 released

A new version of the free multi-platform vector graphics editor Inkscape has been released . In recent years, most of the changes in Inkscape are being implemented through participation in the Google Summer of Code program and collaboration with the Lyon Polytechnic, and this version is no exception. In addition, this time, part of the work on improving the program was paid for by the user community itself through the LinuxFund organization.

The main changes in the new version are as follows:

It should be noted that despite the shorter period of preparation for this version (nine months), work on the next one can be delayed again, since it is necessary to include the code of several Google Summer of Code projects of this and last year into the main development branch, and then carefully test the result. Among these projects is porting the drawing of objects to Cairo, which will significantly accelerate the rendering (according to preliminary tests - from 50% and higher), as well as multi-threaded drawing of SVG filters. In addition, the planned implementation of rendering SVG filters on OpenCL using cairo-gl.

A detailed illustrated review of Inkscape 0.48 can be read here . You can download assemblies for various systems from the program website .


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