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Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX - Darkfield Notebook Mouse

While Performance MX is the flagship Logitech desktop solution, then Anywhere Mouse MX is the clear leader for mobile solutions. A new sensor based on Darkfield technology, a MicroGear wheel and additional function buttons are what you should expect from a new mouse.

When choosing a mouse for my laptop, I first noticed the Anywhere Mouse MX. And being a longtime Logitech fan, I knew that she would not disappoint me.


Having finally received the desired device, unpack the box and find the following there:


The mouse is much smaller than the desktop counterpart. The upper surface is made of matte, rubberized plastic. He sits confidently in his hand, despite the fact that he is noticeably smaller than his palm. On the sides of the already familiar tires with "plugs".

MicroGear mode (smooth / step scrolling) now switches with a pretty loud click and with a noticeable move inwards. What is surprising, it happens even without batteries, so apparently the company took a step towards the mechanics in this matter. The wheel also allows horizontal scrolling by rocking to the sides - in general, there is nothing new.

On the back of a rodent, there is a button for switching applications, with the functionality of which we got acquainted while reviewing Performance MX. On the left are also familiar to us buttons "Forward" and "Back." Fortunately, the functions of the whole trio can be safely changed in SetPoint - personally I like to hang “Copy”, “Paste” and “Enter” on them - to speed up copy-paste :).

On the belly is a large switch, which also serves as a protection for the lens. Apparently so that we do not forget, Darkfield was once again written on it.


Under the hood live 2 AA batteries. Unfortunately, no possibility of wiring in the case of a full discharge is not provided. Therefore, you must either carry with them spare batteries, or batteries with a charger. However, for fresh SetPoint batteries, it happily reports about 100 days before discharging. Like it or not - I'll find out soon. Against 2 weeks, MX Revolution sounds impressive.


After a healthy dongle from the MX 5500, the Unifying Nano Receiver looks impressive. I really hoped that because of his shape, he would sit tight in the USB socket and would not be visible at all. Unfortunately, he still bulges a bit.

The second disappointment awaited me about its versatility. I still hoped that he was using Bluetooth for communication, as well as the MX 5500 kit - besides the receiver itself, there is also a Bluetooth dongle free then :). However, apparently there is a private transfer format. Neither the mouse nor the keyboard, he could not identify. Well, apparently the MX 5500 is unique in this matter.


The price unfortunately bites. Judging by the Yandex.Market, it lies in the range from 2,800 to 3,400 rubles. On average, about 3,000 rubles. In Eldorado, I saw this mouse in general for 4,200 rubles. Alas, not everyone wants a notebook mouse for a few thousand rubles. However, it can be used for the desktop.




In general, the impressions of the work and the behavior of the mouse are very pleasant, and the biggest disadvantage in my opinion is the price.

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