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Google Translator and the Magic Point

At one time, I was very fond of the service translate.google.com. As always, for simplicity and functionality. Often you have to translate something back and forth, and the opinion of an outsider “mind” at the expense of its construction of phrases is very interesting. Well, the words sometimes come across incomprehensible, not to mention the languages ​​that are not trained.

And so, some time ago I discovered one interesting secret!

Let me give you an example:
Microsoft has a majority market share. => Microsoft .
Microsoft has a majority market share => Microsoft

What do we see? The point at the end of a sentence radically, literally upside down, changes the meaning of the translated sentence. Omitting the content of a specific phrase (this is the famous title of bug No. 1 in Ubuntu), I will say that this is true for most of the phrases that you offer to the translator. The Magic Point at the end, according to the results of my observations, greatly influences the meaning of the translation and, it seems, makes the translation more accurate for complete phrases.

So do not forget to put dots at the end of sentences, but rather try all the options.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102582/

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