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Broken links - were, are and ... so be it !!!

My opinion: there is no need to fight with broken links.
This is a completely natural, necessary and useful mechanism.

Approximately 0.4% of my peers, with whom I was familiar, have already died. If you re-check in a year - they will be 0.6%. And after another five years - 7%.
If as many as 4% of broken links come back , no one has returned from the next world (except, they say, Jesus Christ). one

So what?
There is a completely correct idea that "without death there is no life." From the once-popular resource, there remains at first a bunch of broken links and a posthumous mask mask on the web archive, and then there is not even that. If the information remains relevant and in demand, there are always several copies in different places (redundancy as when coding in DNA), but more often, in order to remain relevant and in demand, one has to change a little under the changed external conditions. And for this vital mechanism of dying.

Long live life!

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102580/

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