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Qubrit.com: We Implemented Unique Usernames

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are pleased to announce that after numerous requests, we still implemented a system of unique Usernames in Qubrit . For those who are not vkurse - Qubrit is the recently launched social network of virtual business cards.

With Qubrit, you can create your virtual business card and share it with others, include all your contacts, position, links to other social networks, exchange messages, manage tasks and much more.


So, when creating Qubrit, we decided that all users will receive upon registration a kind of Qubrit ID which consists of 6 or more digits. That is, each user's virtual business card was located at qubrit.com/001100 , where “001100” is a unique Qubrit user number.

But this system did not take root for some reason, in particular, many people forgot their IDs, others wanted the usual “ qubrit.com/username ” and so on.


So today we launched the ability to register and select a unique username. Those who have already registered with Qubrit can (if they wish) change their number in Settings / Account / Username.


Qubrit Tasks

Very soon (10-14 days) we will finally launch Qubrit Tasks task management. Qubrit Task Management System is divided into 2 categories:

1. Your tasks, tags and categories to tasks and so on. Everything is clear;

2. Tasks in the Group

That is, a group is created where from 1 to 10 users are invited. These users in the group are created Tasks (that is, tasks) and the Group Administrator assigns and manages tasks in this group. Qubrit Tasks is a convenient system that can be used, say, for a small development team or for someone who is working on a project together. Or, for example, if you have a girlfriend / wife, she can assign you a “buy bread” task and will control the execution of this task.

Thanks for attention.

Qubrit.com Team

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