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On href.ru blow sites

Introductory. What is href.ru?

There is not much better. In particular, there are not many sane sites on the Internet.
If you visit 3 new good sites every day, then in 100 years we will visit a little more than 100 thousand different good sites. More in my life not to reconsider.
On href.ru we collect a collection of a million best sites. That was enough with a margin.

HREF.RU - Million of the best sites in the world and domain search engine. The ranking includes sites that are visible within the first 10 pages of search engine output.

If there is a desire to select any site from millions of others, then we have different ways. You can leave the links on thematic resources, register the site in directories or write several articles, by implanting in the text life-giving links. This is if you wish the site good. And if you wish the site evil, then you can blow up the site .

How to blow up the site?

You can symbolically lead the soul - to blow up the enemy site.
Yesterday, for example, Google Advords upset me. Well, I did not know that when registering there, 200 rubles are immediately written off. And the remaining 200 rubles on the account remain unnoticed by the buggy system. Trifle, but not nice. I wanted to give up the soul.

Then I went to Khref.ru, logged in, quickly found the page I needed and blew up the Google Adwords website . Now, on the Rating pages, the Adwords site is displayed with show scars.

How to add a good site to favorites

With good sites you want to do well. For example, bring in a reliable favorites.
Reliable favorites - this is when a link to a good site is sent to you directly to the mail.

For example, I like the site Habrahabr.
Then I go to Khref.ru, type the first letters of the domain in the search bar - habr ... Ajax search tells me a link, I click. A page dedicated to Habra opens. I click on the heart and get a favorite link to the mail. If you wish, leave a comment to the site.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102571/

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