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MentalAuto, car - as a means of self-expression

I have little experience writing articles, but still I would like to tell habra people about our project.

About the project in one application

Providing the ability to view and tune the 3d-model of the car directly in the browser.

A bit more for those who are interested.

It all started with a simple idea:
give a person the opportunity, simply by going to the site, to create a 3d prototype of his car and look at it,
change the color, tinted glass, lose a little.
We did not have a sufficient knowledge base and didn’t really imagine how to implement this idea, but there was a lot of enthusiasm and we decided to learn in the process.
Having made a prototype of a scene with such functionality, it seemed to us that it was very boring, something was clearly not enough.
At that time, my friend just chose his disks for his new audi and suffered, looking at various photos of the disks, “how will they look on my silver audi?”, And I thought how good it would be to “try on the disks” on my car online . Such an opportunity was soon realized. Soon after the disks, the opportunity appeared to “try on airbrushing” and take a ride.
We also added the ability to save the settings of your car and take screenshots.
At the moment, the development of tuning cars. The prototype is ready and in the next month this opportunity will be available to users of the site. We also gradually replenish the base of cars, although this is not the main goal at the moment.

Here is a short video showing the features already available.

About technology

The site is written in ASP.NET MVC + jquerry.
For model visualization used unity3d.


You can view the site here.
At the moment, the project is in its infancy. Only 3 people are engaged in development in their spare time, and we still have a lot to do =)
Any feedback, suggestions, wishes are very important to us. We are particularly interested in your% username,% opinion about the project!

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