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TV program for the week for Iphone (TV-Listings Russia)

Co-creation of me (the author and creator of http://teleguide.info ), Fredrik Hellström (author of the TV-Listings for Iphone series) and evb_lj (interface translator, my abstruse email pisanin and just a good friend)

Currently, TV-Listings Russia presents a program of more than 250 channels broadcast in Russia, Europe and the former Soviet republics.

Ps. We will soon change the pictures for the channels, which is - it looks awful ... As it turned out, it’s not so easy to assemble 250 logos.

To whom it may seem a little, they can go to the site at http://teleguide.info/article1.html and download the TV program in the right format (TXT, ListTV, XMLTV, etc.), which allows a sufficiently large number of hardware and software solutions to use the project. "TV Guide. Info" to automatically update your information databases.

Including for the Mac TV program for your Mac

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102566/

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