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What was it? Deface Vkontakte?


A quick googling on this issue hints at the fact that my eyes most likely have not changed me. Tobish is this a joke or did it really take place?

As far as I understand it was displayed for profiles with the Ukrainian language exposed. "Funny" deface pretty quickly fixed. And others, given the direction of the resource, I think tormented by the main question - not “who?” And “why?” But namely “ how? ”. Actually, the fame of the resource can serve as a good “reminder” for those whose activities are somehow related to security - what you need to pay attention to in the event of an official announcement of the origin of vulnerability, if there is one.

As promised, the invited author lukosha wrote a brief article about the vulnerability used in the human factor. Take care and leave.
UPD2: Good evil topic turned out apparently.
UPD3: I take my words back - apparently, it is not alone that I am very interested in learning about the "technical side" of the issue.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102565/

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