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Error in Windows 7

Consider the following scenario: you have a computer running Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2. You add a hard disk of more than 2 terabytes to the system. You configure the system to save dump-files to a specific volume of this hard disk.

And here you can face an unpleasant "bug", documented by Microsoft. Due to problems with addressing, the dump file tries to stay outside the address space of the hard disk. The operating system crashes, it saves the dump file, and as a result, one or more volumes of the specified hard disk are logically damaged, and all information on them becomes inaccessible.

Approximately the same situation due to addressing problems with further damage to the logical structure of the disk occurs when the Hiberfile.sys file is saved (during the activation of the “hibernation” mode). Naturally, if you have a damaged volume on which the operating system is installed, the computer will stop booting.
The error is very serious, which is to say. Details about it you can find on this page . There are no open access patches, but if you need it, you can order downloading it from Microsoft support.

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