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Results of the grant competition

Champagne! Voting at the competition of grants is completed and now you can congratulate the winners . We sent welcome emails with instructions for getting a server.

I sympathize with those who are not included in their number. Personally, I was upset that the grant did not receive the SAMS project (SQUID Account Management System), although this is fixable, as described below. Our accountant was even more upset about the fact that two of the winners are our old clients. But let the accountant grieve in loneliness, and we will be pleasant. I am pleased to list the winners and servers they receive:

Server True40: 2x2560 MHz CPU, 4096 Mb RAM, 128 Gb HDD, 1 year
Number of grants: 1
ScaleModels.ru - prefabricated scale models
The largest non-profit site-community of poster models in RuNet. Reviews, gallery, photo equipment, forum. Contests are held constantly.

True32 server: 2560 MHz CPU, 2048 Mb RAM, 64 Gb HDD, 1 year
Number of grants: 2

Furs Land
MMORPG about robots, now only a separate client is implemented, in the future a browser-based 3D version.

Freedroid is an open-source isometric project.
sci-fi game in the genre of RPG.

Server True30: 1280 MHz CPU, 1024 Mb RAM, 32 Gb HDD, 1 year
Number of grants: 4

Piecharts for last.fm

JMule is a free client for eDonkey 2000 file sharing network written in Java

HLmod.ru - community of administrators and game server developers
The site is a community of game-based game administrators and developers based on games from Valve.

LorCode is a free developer site.
This site is designed to communicate developers (programmers, designers, modelers) and users to create the best software that is focused on the needs of the user.

Server True22: 960 MHz CPU, 512 Mb RAM, 16 Gb HDD, 1 year
Number of grants: 8

Dia Club
Site dedicated to compensation, diabetes problems.

automatic monitoring of Russian-speaking DC ++ hubs

Winegame is a small utility for easy installation of games in Wine.

Kazan Photo Club
Site of association of photographers of Kazan. The main source of information for amateur photographers and professionals about photographic events in the city. Center for photo school organization for young photographers.

AllScience - Russian scientific portal
A set of services and tools for the support, development and popularization of scientific activities.

The main purpose of the site is to help people share movie reviews, recommend movies to each other.

Counter-Strike: Source community, league
Counter-Strike: Source community, league, server monitoring

Popularization of free OS, OpenSource instructions
Software, news, descriptions, tips, video tutorials

I would especially like to mention the project Dia-Club, which received such strong support that it became the absolute leader in the number of votes collected in all categories.

Congratulations to the winners again!

PS Letters to the winners were sent with the theme “Your project became the winner of the grant competition.” There is a feeling that anti-spam filters can be hostile to them. If you are a winner and have not received a letter from us, contact us through the contact form .

And now one more news.

It was decided to expand the program of grants to the format of a monthly competition. The conditions for participation are the same: grants are provided for non-commercial Internet projects that are in operation and are sought after by the company. Grants are provided for 1 year with the possibility of repeated applications for the competition in a year and renewal of the results.

The nearest competition will be held in September, dates will be announced later. The competition will be presented 3 grant Server True22: 960 MHz CPU, 512 Mb RAM, 16 Gb HDD, 1 year

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102546/

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