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Pin-mix - freedom of movement for all

image Hi, Habrasportsmen! Or not an athlete? However, it does not matter. Anyone can come to pin-mix. In this case, the main thing - the motivation and the presence of a bicycle. If you have both, as well as if you live in St. Petersburg, then I suggest you go under the cat and learn more about this most interesting event.

This event takes place every Friday. Absolutely different in physical training people of different ages on bicycles (from Stork to Beru F1 ) get together with the sole purpose of having a good time. Someone just likes to ride a bike all night, someone comes to chat in an interesting company, and someone gets drunk and fly into something hard (soft if you are lucky) with your head. The latter, by the way, are not very much favored here.

How many people usually participate? Well, at the last pin-mix, there were 540 people. By the end of the route (and they are completely different, from 50 or even to 111 kilometers) there are about 110. But it all depends on the route and weather conditions. Naturally, such a crowd will not be able to organize itself, and for this purpose there is a Lead, Assistants to the Lead and Marshals. These are very responsible people who are engaged in laying the route, checking it out and coordinating the column during the trip.
The speed at the beginning of the column reaches 20-25, and at the end about 12-15 km / h. Do not be afraid to fall behind and get lost - there is always a trailing rear. In addition, all traffic rules are followed. For example, I perfectly remember the case when we stood for about a minute on a deserted intersection at night and waited for the green to light up. In general, those who want to get under the car, you know - on pin-mix, this is quite difficult to do. You can not overtake the lead (who goes at the very beginning of the column), ride without hands (otherwise you can stay without them), suddenly jump under the wheels of other cyclists and other interesting things.

What then is possible? And you can do the rest. Enjoy driving on interesting routes, get to know the city, take pictures of beautiful views (of which there are plenty at night in St. Petersburg), communicate with interesting people (there are plenty of them, too) and much more. During the route there are a lot of small pit stops for 5-10 minutes and one big minute for 30 minutes, usually near a supermarket, so that everyone can have a snack and gain strength.

The whole trip takes place at night, so it is advisable to have bright clothes and a flashlight (rear, front, reflectors, reflective bracelets, vests, etc.) with you. It is still good to stock up on a camera (preferably a bicycle, but you can also have a video / photo), a first-aid kit (anything can happen), take a drink with you and something tasty (although someone prefers to go on an empty stomach). The procession returns in the morning, hours to 6-7.

I have nothing more to say. The atmosphere is friendly, everyone helps each other, gives pumps, tips and other practical things. And if you arrive early, you can even get a map of the route, which are distributed absolutely free.
At this point I’ll probably finish and will wait for questions if they are.
And if not, then the event has its own website and a VKontakte group .

Photo taken from the album of the group, route MezhUzhny

And by the way, the most important thing. Gathering at 23-00 on Palace Square every Friday, departure of the column at 23-45.
Come here, always welcome new members!

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