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Draganflyer X8 - the dream of any spy


More and more miniature devices appear that can be irreplaceable automatic satellites of both the spy and the ordinary amateur to spy on the neighbors. There are more and more devices, and many of them represent something that a 007 pair of “Bondians” could not even imagine back. But an ordinary person can, and how. For example, which only costs a silent Draganflyer X8, an unmanned miniature device that can carry a load in the form of a camera.

The Draganflyer X8 is not a simple remote controlled helicopter. Firstly, it has an integrated GPS module. Secondly, this module is very accurate, it is able to simultaneously track 16 satellites, which is very good for a small GPS module.
The Draganflyer X8 can carry loads weighing up to 900 grams, which is quite a decent load for such a small aircraft. In addition, the device also includes a microSD, 3 gyros, an accelerometer, a magnetometer. As you can see, the design of the device is very unusual, no screw on top - everything is done so that the "dragonfly" could soar in the air, soar silently, while removing what the operator wishes.

Included with this device also delivers a remotely controlled 10 megapixel camera and camcorder, capable of writing video with 1080p quality.

Excellent model, which is currently the leader in the lineup Draganflyer. By the way, on Habré already posted a very detailed review of such a device, one of the previous models, Draganflyer X6. As you can see, in just one year, the drone became even more versatile, even more powerful, even more ... In short, spies of all stripes and ordinary people with money and the desire to spy can get a universal machine for their purposes. Well, at least they can't shoot these things yet.

By the way, these devices are officially positioned as drones for professional photographers. Of course, a very convenient device that can take pictures of anything you want, moreover, silently. Of course, the devices are very expensive, the same previous model was worth 15 thousand US dollars, but still it is the price that TV channels can offer, professional photographers and of course, the military of all stripes.

It seems that there is no problem in equipping something like a night-vision camera and looking through the windows of hotels and houses in search of compromising materials. In general, almost perfect spy.

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Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102539/

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