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On Habré, there have already been several posts with work sent to 10k Apart, and I would also like to submit my own (I approved it just yesterday). True, in terms of implementation, it is much easier to publish here, and is based mainly on third-party APIs (to be exact, it is used by api twitter and Google AJAX Search).

The idea is quite simple, but by googling I did not find implementations. It's very simple: from the search on twitter, the latest tweets are taken, and the image is sent to a few words from a Google image search.

I’ll say right away that the picture doesn’t always correspond to the whole tweet (though sometimes it's more fun):

less talk, more action
And not only because Google found such a picture, but rather because I decided that in 10 kilobytes I still would not write a delineation from the main tweet, I did a search for the three longest words running in a row. However, I will try to think of something on a separate domain.

If anyone wants to support it, you can do it here (as before, registration is not required): 10k.aneventapart.com/Entry/242
All updates will be on twimage.net

PS I was somewhat surprised to see how Google’s jsapi automatically download thumbnails for each request:
google jsapi thumb retrieving

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102535/

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