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Impressions of Gamescom 2010

Last week in Cologne (Germany) from August 18 to August 22, the international game exhibition Gamescom 2010 , grandiose in its scope, took place. The SmsCoin project staff went to Germany to meet with several partners and, at the same time, to see with their own eyes the main exhibition in Europe for interactive games and entertainment.
Stands in Kelnmesse was presented just an incredible amount. In the four huge pavilions gamers from all over Germany were buzzing from morning to evening, and at the weekend their number almost doubled - European neighbors and 80 level elves arrived.

The exhibition organizers pleased all those present - almost all the games that won international recognition in the last decade and 15 years ago were presented there: here you and the museum of antiques, demonstrating the technical evolution of interactive games in all their glory, starting with consoles
and ending with rather cumbersome computers (nostalgic visitors could try their hand at playing Mario or Pakman), and new RPGs, which will be officially released this year, or even in 2011.
The greatest excitement was observed, of course, at the stands of Blizzard Entertainment , where everyone (although it would be more correct to say the most patient of the visitors, long queues) could try their hand at working versions of games like Diablo III and World of Warcraft: Cataclysm . Representatives of the company worked quite hard, conducting various quizzes and competitions and handing out, or rather scattering prizes into the crowd. I remember a dance competition in which participants demonstrated several choreographic etudes based on World of Warcraft. In the last days of the exhibition, Blizzard Entertainment staged a showdown Starcraft II, which was attended by the best European players.

In general, more than 200 new games were announced at Gamescom: Heroes of Might & Magic VI, Mafia II, Mass Effect II, Medal of Honor, Dead Space II, The Witcher II, Starcraft II, Diablo III and many others. Unfortunately, there was not only one game - Worms.
The stands of Microsoft, which arrived in Cologne with the European premiere of Kinect sensor for XBox 360, which will go on sale in November, also enjoyed tremendous success. In Kinect booths, visitors practiced aerobics, skateboarding, set new sports records ...
In one of the pavilions, we discovered a non-attendant workshop in which local “left-handers” tuned system units - and this is what they did:
Some visitors demonstrated their affection for the virtual world clearly, walking around the exhibition halls in the costumes of the characters of the games. By the end of Gamescom in the eyes were full of Mario, atomic-colored fungi, Assassins, goblins, mummies and other RPG heroes.
In general, it was possible to successfully spend the whole day at Gamescom - and many people did just that.
Now we just have to wait for the releases of the games and of course the next Gamescom exhibition.

More of our photos of the exhibition can be seen at Content-Review.com .

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