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Next Startup Weekend

Just over a month left until the next Moscow Startup Weekend.
Registration of participants will begin on September 6, but we are already accepting ideas and projects at idea@glavstart.ru
We have already seen that Startup Weekend is a great opportunity to develop your idea or refine your project with experts in 54 hours and show the result to investors.

After successes in the past “weekend”, we received a huge number of ideas, so we decided to introduce restrictions on the registration of ideas.

On September 20, we will “close” the list of speakers with our projects in order to:
- find and gather experts from the areas you need
- collect the missing members for your team
- help prepare a presentation and work out a speech
In the letter, together with the description of the project, indicate in which area you need advice and what issues you would like to solve during the Weekend.

A week before the event, we will arrange a separate brainstorm (it went parallel with the teams), so that the newly generated ideas could immediately join the workflow without losing a whole day.
Also on the future Weekend there will be a separate section working with ideas for our partner HeadHunter .

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