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Top 7 gadgets from China

Hello friends!
No, we in EbayToday are not crazy, do not expect.
Just our today's material will be devoted to China and the funny products of the local electronics industry.

It seems no secret to anyone that China is the birthplace of the overwhelming majority of our consumer electronics - mobile phones, computers, flying saucers with USB and other interesting things are made at the plants of the Middle Kingdom day and night.
Of course, where there is a large range of electronics, there is also a convenient platform for its sale. Western players are extremely difficult to penetrate into China, and local craftsmen masterfully create their systems and services. Instead of ICQ, the Chinese have QQ, and instead of Ebay - TaoBao.

TaoBao is a giant e-shop dash auction where, like on Ebay, you can buy everything from used hair pins to a nuclear warhead. To date, TaoBao has more than 130 million active users, and the annual turnover of the store is close to 25 billion dollars!

For a long time, it was almost impossible to buy something on TaoBao - knowledge of Chinese characters and features of the Celestial trade system was required. Gradually, a number of intermediaries began to fill this offensive misunderstanding - and now EbayToday joined their number. From now on, we help our customers to buy interesting products on TaoBao and in any Chinese online stores. Do not hesitate.

Especially on this occasion, we rummaged a bit in the huge commodity deposits of the Chinese auction and found a few well, very amazing products, which we are in a hurry to share with you.
So, our TOP-7 funniest gadgets with TaoBao (all pictures are clickable).

7th place
Apparently, every Chinese person wants to have a Japanese face shape - otherwise how to explain the huge popularity of special rubber bands, with the help of which anyone can feel like an anime hero. However, for us, Eurasians, the difference in the ovals of the face is somehow not very significant.

Japanese face shape

6th place
Well, oval face is acquired - but you still need to care for your face. Especially for this you can buy a terrible device, like this:


Facial massager looks more like an instrument of torture. However, the girl in the photo very much like it (if, of course, in the mind).

5th place
This gadget will be especially appropriate in hot summers like this. The subject of the envy of others and the personal pride of any person is a personal portable pen fan. It is enough to remove the cap and press the button - and here your face (or whatever you need) blows jets of cool air.

Mini fan

Mini fan

4th place
And this gadget will quite help out in a harsh winter - on TaoBao you can easily buy heated boots.

High fur boots

The main thing in such cyber-boots is to remember to take them off, because they can fry.

3rd place
Our next gadget is a direct embodiment of the popular meme about Radonezh radio - Chinese craftsmen have launched the production of an electronic speaking Bible.


What language does this device say we could not figure out. Outwardly, the gadget looks like a prop to the next Lady Gaga clip.

2nd place
This device cannot be called a gadget. However, Yabloko will definitely appreciate it - with the help of a special manual stapler-like chopping machine, you can easily get it from a conventional SIM microSIM and shove it into a freshly bought iPad or iPhone 4.


1 place
Well, here is our winner - a simple gadget with a deep philosophical meaning.


A special black lamp on a simple stand is used only for those that project an image of our Earth onto the wall. For any Chinese, this image is a simple and visual proof that another generation and this ball will belong to them.

In the meantime, this did not happen - we invite you to buy something useful or not so good on TaoBao .

As always, we are waiting for your questions in the comments.
Ask everything you want to know about “Chinese Ebay” - we are preparing a detailed article about this megaportal and your questions will be reflected in it.

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