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Microsoft revealed the details of the new architecture XBox 360 250 GB

Surely in memory of the owners of the first XBox 360 models, memories of problems with overheating of the console (RROD, Red Ring of Death) are still fresh. The Falcon and Jasper models that came out after them have significantly improved the situation, reducing the problems with overheating to a minimum.

When Microsoft introduced the new XBox 360 250GB and 4GB onboard models, many skeptics expressed that with a decrease in the size of the console, the temperature regime could change and overheating problems would return. However, Microsoft immediately made it clear that it does not intend to re-attack the same rake.

XBox 360 arch

Today, the XBox Team shared information about the new architecture used in models with the code name XBox 360 S (Valhalla). With the help of IBM engineers, Microsoft combined 3-core CPU, ATI graphics core, video memory, dual-channel memory controller and I / O logic into a single System-On-Chip (SoC). The first of its kind SoC for a wide consumer market, is produced at IBM / GlobalFoundries facilities using 45nm process technology.

The use of this SoC will positively affect both the temperature mode of the XBox and the final cost. The new System-On-Chip contains only 372 million transistors. For comparison, the Pentium D 900 of 2006 was 376 million tr, while the 45nm Core i5-760 will have more than 774 million tr

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