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Catax. Local data retrieval

Greetings to all readers of Habr!
I would like to introduce you to my project called CataX, which was created in order to make local data retrieval convenient, simple, and exactly the way it would be convenient for humans.

What is useful?

CataX allows you to assign any keywords (tags) to any file (or folder) on your personal computer, and allows you to search for data on the specified tags. In addition to keywords, it is possible to comment on files. In other words, imagine that you have the ability to "call names" files as you like, and then, using your own name calling, find exactly what you need by just writing this word (or phrase). It is this opportunity that gives CataX.


All you need is to find the data (files and folders) to which you would like to add meta information (tags and comment), index them, add meta information, optionally specify search methods, and enter (or select) keywords to search.

And more?

This is what CataX looks like, written in C # using the .NET Framework 3.5 (needed for the application to work). CataX works in Windows operating systems of the family, more precisely, in versions: XP / Vista / 7 / Server 2003 / Server 2008. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of these operating systems are supported.

How CataX works:

Note: unfortunately, the quality of the video on YouTube is bad enough, so you can download the video in good quality using the links below.

Where can I download?

CataX is currently located at: kvssoft.wordpress.com/catax . Fresh links to the program, video, and description can be found there. For your convenience, I will duplicate them here:
CataX v.2.0.0 | letitbit , depositfiles , rapidshare | 728 KB
MD5: 33218cd2dda5c396dcb0660062af8f8a
CataX 2 Video HQ | letitbit , depositfiles , rapidshare | 22.7 MB

How much is?

CataX is distributed absolutely free (freeware). Anticipating the next question about the source code, the answer is no. Thoughts are there, but for now the code will remain closed.


The article is for informational purposes only, and describes only the most important thing in order to make it more or less clear whether you need CataX or not. If yes, then all the necessary information you can find in the manual supplied with CataX, as well as watching the video. Enjoy your work with CataX.
Thanks for attention!

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