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A new approach to selling advertising on sites.

In general, I once stumbled upon one very interesting library from Dmitry Koterov, allowing dynamically load data onto a page without a headache, and everything began to turn ...

I want to expand my comment to the Statistics for Web 2.0 about the idea of ​​selling advertising time, instead of selling ad impressions on my site.

The idea of ​​selling advertising time in an unformed form somewhere around my head has long been, but today, because of my inherent sense of contradiction in everything and everything, the idea has become more tangible and moved directly into my head.
So. What we have here? The brave Ajax soldier is here and we have the ad here.
What can we do with this sensible? And you can write a couple of scripts, where JS will simply, at a given time interval, contact the PHP loader for a new piece of code and a new timeout, insert the code in the allotted place and repeat the operation through the newly set timeout.
The “portion of the code” will be the decorated code of the advertising banner (even if the text is gif though flash). "New timeout" will be a new timeout for JS.

Thus, all the work on the calculation of advertising time, determining the sequence of output advertising and removal of statistics falls on the shoulders of PHP. This means that it is possible to organize sane statistics on the time of viewing an advertisement and on the number of scrolls.

It remains only to think of what words to convey to advertisers the idea that “Our site is like a TV channel! This is a super duper modern. And we will not take from you a single extra penny. You pay exactly 100 hours of broadcasting your ad. "

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/1025/

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