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Apple patented touch technology for iMac


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How would you make an iMac like a multitouch tablet device? If you were Apple, then somehow. The future is here.

The patent found by Patently Apple demonstrates plans for Apple to combine their desktop and tablet lines. This explains how harmoniously OS X can be combined with iOS.

This is how it will work: a special sensor will determine what position the display is in: in the vertical it will display the desktop-mode, and when transferred to the horizontal, go to the tablet-mode.

It is still not entirely clear how this sensor will work: perhaps it will determine the force of gravity along different axes, or a special rotation sensor will be attached on an adjustable hanger to determine the angle of rotation of the display.

It is also known that the patent covers both desktop PCs and laptops.

It also remains unclear why Apple patents such a technology — to simplify the lives of those who use their technology, or to make another candy, but one thing is surely a great way to support OS X and allow the company's two operating systems to coexist in harmony.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102497/

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