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Automatic installation of Windows and any software


In the recent past, I often had to reinstall software for myself, relatives, friends, acquaintances, friends of friends, etc. It also happened that it was necessary to simply install new programs on the existing system. Searching for silent installation keys or writing scripts was lazy. As is often the case, swinging on a chair and stupidly looking at the ceiling, the idea came to write a software for yourself that would work like a video camera - record the actions of the user during installation, and then reproduce them. Searching for similar programs on the Internet gave several solutions (systems for backing up recalled immediately, since it was necessary to install programs on existing OSs). These were either megacombines with frightening functionality, or ordinary macro-recorders or systems with scripting languages. Naturally, there was a desire to write your own program, honed under the automatic software installation. This is how our MultiSet (www.almeza.ru) appeared.

MultiSet is an automatic program installer, with this program you can create a DVD which can install Windows without human intervention, then install the necessary set of programs and even customize them. The program also can install software automatically via a local network on any number of computers.

In general terms, work with MultiSet:

1. Determining the composition of the software.
2. Creation of automatic installation packages.
3. Verify automatic package installation.
4. Automatic installation.

Who may benefit from such a program:

- system administrators, network administrators
- workers of services "computer assistance"
- customer support services
- individual users

Time passes and the creation of a disk with automatic installation of Windows becomes not such an urgent task after the release of Microsoft WAIK, as well as the well-known nLite / vLite. But the creation of an auto-installer of programs seems to us still an interesting task. I would like to know the opinion of the hardware community on this subject - how is the software installed (reinstalled) in your enterprise?

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