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How to work without “working”

How much are you willing to spend a day at work? But honestly? :) No, not “work,” to say, sitting down pants, but on productive activity?

Suppose you - burdened with family, friends, other interests are no longer young (over 25) city dweller ...

Submitted? Compound: a resident of a densely populated metropolis :) Every day, spend 2+ hours of your life on the road. These are the very watches that are so lacking for ... (sleep, work, wife, mistress, children - the necessary underline).
Having finally reached the office, we begin ... uh ... workday.
But are we, friends, effective, sitting booty exactly on the office chair?

Surely everyone noticed that sometimes the work is being carried out, there is a lot of strength, a fighting spirit, and sometimes ...

ICQ / YouTube / Twitter / Forum / Habr and so that no one pecked at the brain :)

How to work a little, and have a lot of time to do it? How to have a lot of free time, but quickly respond to urgent things?

There are no universal recipes for everyone, but there is good news ...

... for us, ITshnikov :) Our work is usually on the contrary, as in the proverb: "If the admin is in soap every day, then it is time to drive him." The debugged system works on its own, minor failures itself smoothes and swears directly to you directly in case of major failures, so you can work ... well, almost from anywhere, only “our everything” was the Internet :)

Usually, the work consists in monitoring and debugging of all sorts of things, starting from active equipment, ending with the site's engine, and sending and receiving letters / asek / whatever. It is clear that this Jedi has no limit to perfection: you can hone the speed of detection and troubleshooting. Then the efficiency will increase, and the number of free time will increase :)

For this, the inquisitive and lazy minds of the ITshnikov have come up with a bunch of adapters. I will describe what I use:

“Where my charges are, my home is there.”
Needless to say that a motorist lives a much easier pedestrian? Where else with such comfort you spend 2-3-4-5 hours of your life every day :)
Traffic jams are the scourge of big cities ...
But they do not interfere: on the streets of Yota or on the extreme 3G or GPRS. Therefore, "if I am on the Internet, then I am at work." For especially jealous checkers: we make ourselves an encrypted tunnel (well, let it be GOST encrypted, then on the laptop there should be a STerra client, Dionysus or what else you use there) or enemy IPSec import (and Opennet or cisco easy vpn clients) we receive a private address, register a soft-background (a telephone on the screen) on the local IP telephone exchange and from the point of view of the accountant Aunt Vali you are in the workplace, because she calls you at the extension. Moreover, it is possible to call the intercity for free :) You answer the letters, you help the messenger to reload her trash :) Everyone is happy.

With classic IPSec, there are difficulties (although there are only 2 ports needed for UDP / 500, UDP / 4500), for example, the supervisor (security policy) has forbidden the administrator, you can try all sorts of WebVPN (SSLVPN) implementations from Tsiska or OpenSource.

Note: otmaz that we do not have IPSec and I do not configure tsiska not canal. Take any OpenSource router (Vyatta, for example), put it on the virtual machine and go ahead with songs :)

Frankly speaking, as I’ve put Yota in the car, sometimes I even regret that the traffic jam was over ... I didn’t manage to finish something, check, send :)

If, on the other hand, there is no Internet with them, then they distribute it for free to the “network of free toilets” with a stylized letter M all over the world. Also look in other places for WiFi Free stickers or something in this spirit. As a rule, these labels have the name of the operator and it is necessary to choose the connection to him, unprotected. Most likely, you will be asked first to go somewhere through the browser, they will remember you and give you a little coveted Ineta. By the way, if you are embarrassed to enter or not have money for ice cream, then you can work the war-driver, i.e. graze near. As a rule, hot spots (access points) beat wider than the building and you can work comfortably, for example, in a car.

“I don’t have a warm coat”, or “And if I forgot a laptop at home?”
Separate attention are any smartphones. I personally do not like them, preferring a normal beech, but as a “last hope” you can use it. To do this, you need to install it ... alas, with VPN, most likely a bummer, but the worker-peasant PuTTy for SSH is completely. Just don't turn up your nose: the console is our everything! Even Vinda understood this :) Master :)
By the way, I am a retrograde, I don’t like the touchscreen - it is always smeared and wiped and the screen keyboard closes a part of a meaningful window. I prefer the glass and YTsUKEN-keyboard sliding, but here on the fan.

More often there is a theme that something big needs to be either buried or laid out. For this full of services, ranging from Rapidshara, ending slil / zalil.ru. In some cases, you can use your home computer or NAS, installed there. To do this, you need to publish this computer (all sorts of DynDNS and company) and cling to it with some kind of thread VPN (PPTP, for example, in the case of Windows). This method has a significant disadvantage: speed. As a rule, home users are sitting on an asynchronous channel and are slowly moving away. Or it is a house network with unpredictable speed.

For a pedestrian, I can only advise on small shortages with long autonomous work: for such a “typewriter” speed is not particularly needed, therefore, to save battery the SSD and the stone LOW is better. But I would choose so that even the clave was comfortable. Without it, it is difficult to work quickly.

Thus, being practically anywhere (with a girlfriend on the beach, with a friend in the garage or with the mother-in-law at the cottage) you can cling to any serviced network / resource and quickly put everything from head to toe. Not arranging an obstacle race. Although ... from the mother-in-law can and "break the Internet" :)

Good luck and productive work to everyone where they found productivity. And also have time for everything and the masses of free time to boot :) By the way, the office is not really needed.

Text or Article article and entertainment. If there are questions about specific implementations - well-being, I will try to be more detailed.

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