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Announcement of the Garmin-Asus Communicator on Android

Navigation smartphones are fairly new devices in the mobile market. Last year, the Garmin-Asus G60 and M20 models debuted. Earlier this year, the model M10 was released. And now we present you a new model of the Garmin-Asus A10.


Unlike other phones with GPS support, navigation smartphones offer not only a map with your location marked on it. It also has additional important features - such as navigation, topographical information, recommendations and tips of interesting places or events on the map, information about traffic jams and much more, accessible by a couple of finger touches.
The largest telecommunications companies this year reported an increase in interest among consumers of navigation services and opportunities. The new Garmin-Asus A10 is ready to meet the needs of everyone who wants to discover a new world in motion. Created on the open mobile Android platform, the smartphone can become your guide and assistant not only on the road, but also at work, leisure and entertainment.

12 arguments for the purchase of a smartphone A10:

1. Navigation professional level.
It may seem ridiculous that, speaking of navigation smartphones, we again focus on their navigation functions. However, this is really something that should be emphasized, because Most buyers who buy a phone with GPS, think that they will now have access to all those functions that they saw in the navigators. This is not true. For developers of mass mobile phones, every extra dollar spent on “additional” functions is at a loss, therefore, creating multi-functional devices, they do not pay much attention to making navigation really convenient and practical. Garmin is not the first year is one of the leaders in the manufacture of GPS navigators, so users of Garmin-Asus A10 will be available all the developments and innovations accumulated by the company over the years.
2. Soundtrack route
It is highly undesirable to distract the driver from the road while driving, even for a fraction of seconds, the consequences can be dire. Therefore, we have implemented the TTS function (soundtrack of the route) in A10 smartphones in order to save it from having to move its gaze and focus it on the smartphone screen. Speech hints will warn you about the next turn, that you need to slow down or change lanes. In addition, the velvety voice of announcers has soothing properties, and will help reduce the level of stress behind the wheel.

3. Quick communication with satellites
One of the distinguishing features of a good navigation smartphone is the speed of “capturing” satellites. In just 32 seconds after switching on, the A10 will receive signals from 7 to 12 satellites and will be ready to make a route and start moving. Among similar smartphones this is the best indicator.

4. Navigation for pedestrians
If you prefer to travel “on your own two feet”, or the good weather allows you to leave the car and walk on foot, then undoubtedly, the navigation function for pedestrians will be useful. You do not have to look for underground passages and think about how to quickly reach a particular place. In addition, the “public transport” option is supported, which will advise you on how to get to your destination by bus or tram.

5. Preloaded maps
Most phones come with no preloaded maps to save memory space. The image is loaded in the process of laying a route or already the movement itself. And in the event that you have paid Internet traffic, then, having passed to work, you will be able to find out that an amount equal to the cost of your business lunch has been withdrawn from your account on your mobile phone. In addition, in some areas (for example, in tunnels) networks are not available and you will have to go "blindly." All this can be avoided if all the necessary maps are already loaded in your smartphone, as in A10.

6. Services around you
You can feel all the benefits of your navigation smartphone only with the “Location based services” (LBS) function. It allows you to provide you with real-time information about traffic jams, exchange rates, the location of gas stations, cafes and cinemas closest to you. The information you need "here and now" will be available on the Garmin-Asus A10 in a few taps.

7. Database of interesting places
Discover unexpected places! If you are tired of following the same route every day, visiting the same shops, cinemas and restaurants, then it's time to shake off the load of the past and open the door to new emotions and impressions. Perhaps, not far from the place where you go out for dinner with colleagues, there is a unique museum of beer steins or in the next block there is the narrowest house in Europe, and you never knew about it? Excursions, memorable and historical sites, exhibitions, street installations and spontaneous flashmobs - all this will be available to you using your A10 smartphone.

8. Long battery life
Ordinary smartphones are not designed for the fact that GPS functions that require a significant amount of energy will often be used for a long time. Therefore, be prepared for the fact that the battery level indicator on your phone after fifteen minutes of searching for the restaurant you need will flash red. The Garmin-Asus A10 is equipped with a 1500 mAh battery, which is enough for you, not only to find the right restaurant, but also, while waiting for your delayed girlfriend, to calmly watch the series of your favorite series. Or a couple of episodes, if you love her very much.

9. Large and bright screen
The less you get distracted while driving away from the road, the safer will be your way. The large and bright A10 screen with a wide viewing angle and anti-reflective coating will allow you to assess the route in a split second and return to driving.

10. Camera with geotagging function
After a few years, going through your photos, it will be difficult for you to remember where this wonderful restaurant was located or how far from the home of your second half you wandered through on that beautiful romantic night in order to admire the views of the night city. With the geotagging function, you can determine the coordinates of where the picture was taken with an accuracy of up to a meter. And you may want to visit that restaurant again or take a night walk through the same city.

11. Have fun to the full!
It happens that a long way is exhausting and I want to relax. Multimedia features Garmin-Asus A10 will make your vacation more intense and interesting. Many gaming and entertainment applications available in the Android Market, as well as the ability to listen to music and watch videos will not let you get bored.

12. Market Access Applications
Android Market application store contains not only games and entertainment. Among the more than 30,000 programs, you will find those that significantly expand the functionality of your phone, ranging from dictionaries and translators that will be useful to you when traveling, ending with converters that will help you convert miles to kilometers or degrees Kelvin to degrees Celsius. And various clients for social networks will allow you to find new friends and continue to communicate with family and friends, wherever you are.

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