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Sudoku speed

Athletes have one long-proven truth - when you are alone on a treadmill, your results are far from ideal; but when an approximately equal opponent runs along the next track, you are able to set records. Thirst for victory manifests hidden reserves in the body. Applying the same principle to the old sudoku puzzle, you can get almost a new game, and the process of finding numbers can cause completely different emotions.
Once it occurred to me that it was possible (and wanted) to solve a sudoku at the same time as my opponents, and also to see how much they had already advanced in the decision. And this desire resulted in the creation of a small browser game. In this game you solve sudoku, at the same time your opponents solve the same puzzle. Numbers as the problem is solved appear on the screens of all players at once - I guessed one, but everyone saw it. The task, of course, is to beat the rivals and solve as many numbers as possible. You can try to play here .
UPDATE. During habraeffekt found a considerable number of minor and not very bugs. But in the last 20 minutes in the logs of a single even a minor error - I hope you can go to bed).
About two weeks ago I tried to promote this game on Habré, so now you have to work on bugs. Then I made the biggest mistake - the user, visiting an unfamiliar site for himself, not only had to register, so also after that he had to expect an opponent. Sometimes the waiting was delayed for 5-10 minutes, the player did not wait for the rivals and left the site, without having tried the game “to taste”. The main change that occurred since that time was the appearance of a demo game, which you can play without being registered on the site. And no one has to wait.
Well, I hope you enjoy it ...


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102456/

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