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Foobnix - a new music player

I think it is no secret that in Linux there is a great variety of various music players for every taste - Rhytmbox, Exaile, Banshee, DeadBeef, Decibel, Clementine, Amarok, XNoise, QMMP, Audacious, Minitunes, gMusicbrowser, MPD (Sonata ...) etc. . All of them have both advantages and disadvantages, many support plugins to extend the functionality, some know how to use skins - it would seem that it’s not a problem to find something that suits you completely. But having tried all of them personally, I still could not choose one, the functions I needed were in different players. So I used 3 players at once:Naturally it was not very convenient, and then a miracle happened - yesterday I accidentally stumbled upon a post about the Foobnix player, at first I thought it was another bike and didn’t even want to try, but I still read the description on the site, then I put it and did not regret it. Very pleased that the developer is Russian and is actively developing the player. Currently, the latest version of the player is only 0.2.0 - but it already knows quite a lot.

The description is taken from the official site of the player, because no one will tell better about his “brainchild” than the author.

The player is written in Python, GTK +, Glade
Going to the creation of the player was such that now almost all the music is on the Internet (video clips, VKontakte, latest movies and other sites), but it is either not structured or there are directories, but you cannot listen or pay.
So the idea arose to write a player that can search for different lists of music (for example, a list of songs from an album) and then search for each of them for music from different sources. Collect everything in one program that will collapse into an icon :)

Briefly what the player can now:

As a local music player
1.0 Scan folder with music.
1.1 Play local music of any format that gstreamer supports
1.2 Navigating through files in a tree (I do not like collections)
1.3 Quick filter on the name of the artist-album (easy to find a performer)
1.4 Each new playlist is displayed in tabs, which allows you to display the history of listening to music
1.5 Create playlists
1.6 Save selected music playlists to a new folder (For example, for the next entry on the CD)
1.7 Scrobbler music on lastfm
1.8 Displaying the lyrics to the current song if there is.
1.9 Experimental support for CUE files image
As an internet music player
2.-1 It is not necessary to enter your login \ password on VKontakte and last.fm
2.0 Find the most popular artist songs by rating
2.1 Search for the most popular albums and their songs by rating lastfm
2.2 Search for the most similar artists and their songs by rated finders
2.3 Finding the most relevant music by genre or tag by rating last FM
2.4 Search for any audio information on Vkontakte and listening to it.
2.5 Display each search in the new tab, the ability to view history.
2.6 Display from which album (year) the current song
2.7 Display of the most similar artists to what plays
2.8 Display of the most similar songs to the one that plays
2.9 Links to artist biography on wikipedia, last.fm, musicbrainz
2.10 Scrobbler music on lastfm
2.11 Install in the configuration, everything that is listened to is cached-saved to the specified folder
2.12 Save the selection to this folder immediately without listening
2.13 Save as selected to any folder immediately
2.14 If you enter a link to a user or a VKontakte group in the search field, it is possible to listen to and save music from VKontakte groups.
2.15 Display lyrics to the current song if there is
2.16 Listening to radio stations
2.17 Download music from Vkontakte
Video description of some features

At the moment there is NO library in the player (I personally do not need it, for example), but it is planned. I advise you to get acquainted with the development plans of the player on the links below, you can also leave your suggestions.

Official site
List of implemented and conceived functionality
Table of bugs and suggestions
Sources on googlecode
Installing Foobnix on Windows for perverts
You can download deb-packages or sources, or from SVN
svn checkout foobnix.googlecode.com/svn/trunk foobnix-read-only

UPD2. Not even a day has passed since the player has been updated, download from offsite. List of changes:
* I noticed a bug with music directories after upgrading to a new version, you need to delete the old config rm -rf $ USER / foobnix_conf.pkl
* Bug with VKontakte, does not play music ... I'll see it in the evening (fixed in 0.2.1-1)
1) The settings are in a separate window.
2) Ability to specify multiple directories with music
3) Changed appearance
4) Music-Radio Playlists Switches Depressed.
5) Laid the foundation for various settings


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102450/

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