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Firmware from C6 to 5800

(added screenshots)
The PNHT team, as promised, has posted a version of the Nokia C6 firmware ported to 5800 \ 5530. Without thinking twice, I decided to check how it will function on my old 5800.
After waiting for the lay out not only the firmware itself, but also langpacks, I proceeded to the firmware, having pre- packaged the Russian language into the firmware. What came of it?
The process of the firmware itself is standard and there is nothing new in it, we jaf'om.
After installation, the firmware version does not change to C6, as previously shown in the video, but to 5800 XpressMusic PNHT:

The firmware really worked and I want to note that it works much faster than the native one. I can’t say anything about stability, time will tell.
What was noticed immediately after the flashing: contacts are not added to the “favorites” if they were restored from the nokia pc suite backup or from the built-in file manager.
The solution to the problem is to save the contacts before reflashing as follows: contacts -> check all -> copy the card -> to another memory. Restore in the reverse order, then everything will work.

As can be seen from the screenshot above, the desktop widgets also work, they are installed from the ovi store as in the N97. By the way, ovi store did not work either, the problem was resolved by the fact that this application was reloaded via a standard browser.
By default, the accelerometer is turned off and the theme effects are turned on through the menu, the qwerty keyboard is turned on automatically when you turn the screen (you had to manually select the first time). Integrated office and viewer pdf.

Well, the first impression remained positive, the installation of this version of the firmware “revived” the phone. Let's see what will be the fashion of this firmware. Good luck to the PNHT team!

Thank you for reading to the end!

UPD: there are also two desktops in this firmware, the switch will turn left and right with a finger.

UPD2: asked for screenshots in the comments

Accelerometer is not buggy, it works well, with a traditional delay of 1 second. About the lack of memory messages has not yet been, although 5-6 applications are constantly in the tray. On average, about 35-45 MB free.

UPD3: firmware with Russian and English for 5530

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102443/

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