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IT faculty at Stanford - my impressions

In the distant 2006th year, for one and a half months, I worked at the computer science department (Computer Science Department - cs.stanford.edu) at Stanford University (Stanford University). Stanford is one of the best universities in the United States and around the world, and the Faculty of Computer Science is deservedly considered a blacksmith shop for Silicon Valley. The founders of Sun, Yahoo, Google and many other well-known IT companies came from it. By the way, an interesting story happened with the founders of Google Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Initially, the search engine was on a subdomain of the university site, but when its traffic exceeded half of all university traffic, the founders of Google gently asked to transfer their search engine from where their independent navigation began. In general, the university made an indelible impression on me, so even though with a delay, I want to share photos and my opinion.

As I said, at the end of 2006, I went to California to learn and work in the group of Professor Phil Levis - The Stanford Information Networks Group (SING). I settled in the town of Palo Alto right across the street from Stanford. The first time I entered the university, I was struck by its vast territory and good organization; there is an American football stadium, a lot of educational buildings, libraries, and residential buildings for students and teachers. There are several bus routes around the university (moreover, there are several routes).
All houses, whose roofs are visible in the photo, belong to the university


University Church (which even hosts student weddings)

Building David Packard Electrical Engineering

Just kind

University founders

But my goal was Computer Science Department,

who bears the name ... attention ... of William Gates. And all because he donated several tens of millions of dollars to build this building. That's how it is taken from them.

After the meeting with the professor, I was given a scientific task, the necessary equipment was provided, the office and Internet connection were allocated and the work began to boil. Next was a month, during which I worked hard to have something to show at the reporting seminar. Time left only to explore the surroundings and the faculty itself.

All over the building of the faculty there are stands with various information and museum exhibits.

Apple used to be like this

"Silicon Valley Map"

"Internet Map" - how it was compiled I did not quite understand, but still interesting

The memory cell from the computer of the 60s, the memory capacity is 1630 bytes.

Duplex modem 1968 year. 150 baud.

On one of the stands was a vacancy ad, I think it would be interesting for habrovans to practice and solve these problems.

I had a very interesting and colorful neighbor, which, unfortunately, could not meet. At the time of his absence, I could not take pictures of his office.

Right here and the bed

He looks, by the way, a match for his workplace, a crumpled white T-shirt, a beard and sloppy jeans.

But it was all a general impression, now I will try to briefly summarize the main points.

The level of education is very high, there is no doubt about it, just look at those who graduated from Stanford, and among them: Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Donald Knuth, Niklaus Wirth, founders of Yahoo and Sun, among physicists 19 Nobel laureates; the list goes on and on. But such education is worth a lot, Stanford is one of the most expensive US departments. The approximate cost of a year on Computer Science is about 47,000 dollars.

After visiting the university, I wanted to go there to graduate school, which is not as difficult as it seems. You must pass the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) - a general American test for entering graduate school. One test should be general, the other special, depending on the faculty to which you want to enroll. If you have high scores, you can try to find a grant for training.

But, if you entered Stanford, then you will have to study very hard. My "temporary colleagues" - Koreans, began to prepare for the transfer exam for the month and cram textbooks all day. It was unusual for me. Studying, especially in graduate school, there is given quite a lot of time and take it quite seriously.

A lot of Koreans and Indians study at the Faculty of Computer Science, they feel much more than Americans, especially when it comes to graduate school.

Silicon Valley
Stanford is located in the center of Silicon Valley, which stretches from San Francisco to San Jose and this is very noticeable. Density of IT enterprises per sq. Km. rolls over. During the time spent there, I was able to visit the offices of Google (left the strongest impression), Intel, Apple and others. Everything around reminds you where you are.

Spirit is the most important thing that is in this place and only for this it is worth going there. It is difficult to explain it in words, but you immediately feel it as soon as you get there. Everything around is imbued with ideas that you constantly feed on, constantly learn something new. It is very useful to communicate with like-minded people. When you cook among innovators and goal-oriented people, you get a lot of experience, which can then be put into practice. From this place you come back with a heap of ideas and great enthusiasm to do something that will turn the industry upside down.

PS: Sorry if it turned out a bit messy.

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