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Why is it better not to buy, but to borrow for a while?

We welcome you, habra people! We are opening this corporate blog in order to inform the community about such a useful service as social rental.

In life, there are always many reasons not to spend your money on the purchase of things, and use the rental.

Well, for example, you are going to rest with friends. But at all you have only one tent, and you think about the second? You can not buy a bulky thing, which most of the time will live in your closet. Moreover, the cost of an average good tent starts from 10 thousand rubles - this money can be distributed more rationally in the family budget. For example, rent a tent for two days (about 2 thousand rubles), and spend the rest of the money on food for a picnic (and even remain).
Or maybe you want to buy an expensive gadget? But you do not understand whether you need it? You can not buy a cat in a bag, but find a person who already has such a thing. You can rent this gadget from him for one day and see if you need the same or not.

Are you a photographer, and like to experiment with the frame? But lenses and professional cameras are very expensive, and all their functions may not be required by you. To get interesting shots, you can rent the lens you need, thereby saving a lot of money for yourself and getting the required shots. Believe me, it's easy!

Abnormal weather, we now are not uncommon. Remember how during the heat of the stores lost all the fans? Even if you found the last device in the store, then its price was overestimated 10 times. Why not take a fan for the period of heat from the one who decided to wait for this heat somewhere at sea? And your money will be saved, and the weather in the house is normalized.

Are you planning a wedding? We sincerely congratulate you and offer to take advantage of the offers of our partners in the rental of a limousine and other goods accompanying this joyful day. You do not need to browse a bunch of sites in search of suitable prices. Come on damnavremya.ru and choose the best deals at the best price!

As you can see, there are many reasons for renting things. Our service “DamNaVremena.ru” was created specifically so that you can get the result you need and at the same time save money. Just register and join the same ones that value your money.

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